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Quotes for
Chung (Character)
from Full Contact (1992)

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Full Contact (1992)
Chung: [Jeff gets into a fight with Hoodlum, the Thailand crime boss and after escaping Hoodlum's thugs, the group tries to consider what their options are] We've had it! That bastard runs the whole damn city! There's no other choice, we've gotta kill him.
Jeff: And what good's that? Can't kill his whole gang.
Mona: [to Sam] Do you think you could offer him more interest on the $40,000?
Sam: That won't work. It's our lives he wants not money.
Chung: Are you crazy? Think he'd refuse money?
Jeff: Money? He's got loads. I made him lose face!
Sam: [Sam has a plan to pay off the loan to Hoodlum] Hey I've got an idea, listen up.
Mona: What is it?
Jeff: Rob a bank?
[everyone is silent when Jeff says this]
Jeff: Is that it?
Sam: I think it's a great plan. If we pull it off, we're rich. And we can go anywhere.
Mona: What? Us rob a bank? Sam wake up.
Chung: Why not? It's worth a shot.
Jeff: Yeah, well you guys just keep dreaming. Forget about it. We're in enough shit.
Sam: Waht the hell can we do?
Jeff: Why'd you take the cash? Huh?
[Jeff is so frustrated at the situation, he gets up from the table and leaves]
Jeff: .

[Deano and Chung are staring hard at each other and it's driving Deano crazy]
Deano: What are you looking at huh?
Chung: I am allowed to look.
Deano: Oh yeah?
Chung: I'm not scared of you.
Deano: [Deano's ready to fight so he jumps out of his vehicle and orders Chung to get out too] Get out! Get the fuck out!
Chung: We're on a job.
Deano: Take me one minute to break you. Scared?