Val Resnick
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Val Resnick (Character)
from Payback (1999/I)

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Payback (1999/I)
Stegman: You know what, Val, this one's on me. OK?
Val Resnick: Do you see me reaching for my fucking wallet?

[after knocking Rosie down]
Val Resnick: Hubba, hubba, hubba. I knew I'd seen that ass before.

Val Resnick: The problem with kicking a Chow's ass is an hour later you wanna do it again.

[after Porter shoots Val in the leg and puts a cigarette in his mouth]
Porter: You got a light?
Val Resnick: What?
Porter: You got a light?
Val Resnick: No.
Porter: Then what good are you?
[Porter shoots Resnick in the face]

[Resnick has a gun to Rosie's head]
Val Resnick: How do you know him?
Rosie: He used to drive me.
Val Resnick: Yeah, well I'm driving you now, honey.
Rosie: You know what you are?
Val Resnick: Educate me...
Rosie: O.K., an ugly pig who beats up women on account he can't get it up 'cause he's too terrified of his own fucking shadow.
Val Resnick: Is that right?
Rosie: Yeah.
Val Resnick: Is that right?
Rosie: Yeah.
Val Resnick: Then you must be the lucky girl.
Val Resnick: [pistol whips Rosie]

Val Resnick: Beauty of the Chows is that they won't go to the cops. They keep everything in house... and, they don't feel pain the way we do.
Porter: You notice anything about those guys, Val?
Val Resnick: They look nasty... probably all Kung Fu-motherfuckers. Why, did I miss something?
Porter: They weren't wearing their seatbelts.

[Pearl has an appointment with Val in his hotel room]
Oakwood Arms Manager: There's a young lady to see you, sir... her name is Pearl.
Val Resnick: She's got two very bad habits; right now I'm only interested in one of 'em. Send her up.

Val Resnick: [Repeated line] Hubba hubba hubba.

Val Resnick: You are crazy! That's why I love ya.