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Quotes for
Carter (Character)
from Payback (1999/I)

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Payback (1999/I)
Carter: Stitch this mutt up, Phil.
Phil: Any Polaroids or trophies?
Carter: No, not this time.

Carter: Do you understand your value to the organization, Resnick?
Carter: You're a sadist. You lack compunction. That comes in handy.

Porter: Who makes the decisions?
Carter: Well, a committee would make the decision in this case...
Porter: One man... you go high enough you always come to one man... who?

Carter: I don't want Mr. Bronson hearing about this... he'll think I'm getting soft. One of his principles has always been: if you don't understand it, get rid of it... a stitch in time, so to speak, so... stitch this mutt up, Phil.

Carter: There's an old expression that's served me well: "Do not shit where you eat."

[Porter has just shot Carter]
Carter: You just don't get it, do you, you dumb... fuck.

Carter: There are three ways we can handle this. One: we can help you. Two: We can allow you to help yourself. And Three: We can have you replaced... We have an investment in you Resnick, of time, money and training. So assisting you would be, in a way, protecting our investment. And THAT is always good business policy.

Carter: The Outfit is not unreasonable, Porter... but no corporation in the world would agree to what you're asking.

[as soon as Porter enters Carter's office, he knocks out his two bodyguards, and takes one of their guns]
Carter: Bravo. Sit down.
[Porter does]
Carter: My compliments. They were two of my best.
Porter: No, they weren't. They lull too easily.

Carter: There's something you want from me.
Porter: Val Resnick gave you a hundred and thirty thousand dollars...
Carter: He paid us. It was a debt.
Porter: Seventy thousand dollars of it is mine, and I want it back.
Carter: I'm sorry. Resnick told me, but I seem to have misplaced your name.
Porter: Porter.
Carter: Porter, right. I won't forget it again.