Walt Lloyd
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Walt Lloyd (Character)
from "Lost" (2004)

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"Lost: All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues (#1.11)" (2004)
Sawyer: [talking about Ethan] Ever think he might have lied about his name?
Walter 'Walt' Lloyd: It's stupid to lie about your name.

Sawyer: Alrighty Tattoo. Where do YOU think Ethan came from?
Walter 'Walt' Lloyd: Maybe he was already on the island before we were.
Sawyer: [laughs] You got yourself one hell of an imagination, kid.
Walter 'Walt' Lloyd: There could be lots of other people on the island.
Sawyer: So a tribe of evil natives planted a ringer in the camp to kidnap a pregnant girl and a reject from VHI Has-beens. Yeah, fiendishly clever.
[They stare at each other]
Sawyer: And why am I getting the evening news from a 6 year old?
Walter 'Walt' Lloyd: I'm 10!
Sawyer: Ok. Then it must be true.

Walter 'Walt' Lloyd: But you owe me twenty-thousand dollars!
Walter 'Walt' Lloyd: You'll get it.

"Lost: Abandoned (#2.6)" (2005)
Walt Lloyd: [to Shannon]
Walt Lloyd: Don't push the button.

Shannon: That was quick.
Walt Lloyd: [backwards] They're coming... , and they're close...

"Lost: Exodus: Part 2 (Part I) (#1.24)" (2005)
Walter 'Walt' Lloyd: How come you and my mom didn't stay together?
Michael: We tried, but it just didn't work out. Our lives, out interests just went in different directions.
Walter 'Walt' Lloyd: How come I never saw you?
Michael: Cause your mom didn't want me to.She did what she thought was best for you.
Walter 'Walt' Lloyd: She was wrong.

Walter 'Walt' Lloyd: Daaaaaad!

"Lost: Walkabout (#1.4)" (2004)
Sun Kwon: Korean.
Walt Lloyd: Yeah, whatever.

"Lost: ...In Translation (#1.17)" (2005)
Locke: Hey, you mind if I ask you something?
Walter 'Walt' Lloyd: Sure.
Locke: Why did you burn the raft, Walt?

"Lost: Exodus: Part 1 (#1.23)" (2005)
Walt Lloyd: [asks Shannon to take care of his dog] Vincent took care of me when my mom died, and nobody would talk to me. They'd pretend like nothing happened. So I'd talk to Vincent. He's a good listener. you could talk to him about Boone if you want.
Shannon Rutherford: [tearing] Alright. But only until you get us rescued, okay?

"Lost: Special (#1.14)" (2005)
Michael Dawson: I'm just glad you're safe.
Walt Lloyd: But Vincent, he ran off again.
John Locke: He found his way back to you once, Walt. He will again.

"Lost: Man of Science, Man of Faith (#2.1)" (2005)
Shannon Rutherford: What are you doing here?
Walt Lloyd: [backwards] Don't... Press... Button... Button's... Bad...