Alex Rousseau
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Alex Rousseau (Character)
from "Lost" (2004)

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"Lost: Through the Looking Glass (#3.22)" (2007)
Alex: You put my boyfriend in a cage and then you locked him in a room and tried to brainwash him!
Ben Linus: I didn't want him to get you pregnant. I suppose I may have overreacted...

Alex Rousseau: You locked Karl in a cage. You put him in a room and tried to brainwash him!
Henry Gale: I didn't want him to get you pregnant. I suppose I overreacted.

"Lost: Dead Is Dead (#5.12)" (2009)
Alex: Daddy?
Ben Linus: Alex.
Alex: Hi Dad.
Ben Linus: Oh, Alex. I'm so, so sorry.

[pinning Ben to the wall]
Alex: You will listen to every word John Locke says, and you will follow his every order. Do you understand?

"Lost: The Glass Ballerina (#3.2)" (2006)
Alex Rousseau: That dress. Its mine. Keep it, it looks better on you.

"Lost: The Man from Tallahassee (#3.13)" (2007)
Sayid Jarrah: Alex?
Alex: How do you know my name?
Sayid Jarrah: You look just like your mother.
Alex: How could you know? My mother's dead.
Sayid Jarrah: Yes, I am sure that is what they told you.

"Lost: I Do (#3.6)" (2006)
Alex Rousseau: [to Kate] He's gonna kill your boyfriend!

"Lost: The Shape of Things to Come (#4.9)" (2008)
Keamy: Tell your Daddy 'goodbye'.
[hands Alex the Walkie]
Alex: [crying] Dad, they're serious. They killed Karl and my mother.
Ben Linus: Alex, I have this under control. Everythings going to be OK.
Alex: Please, Daddy! Please.
[Keamy takes back the walkie]
Keamy: You have 10 seconds Ben.
Ben Linus: Ok listen...
Keamy: 9.
Ben Linus: She's not my daughter...
Keamy: 8.
Ben Linus: I stole her as a baby from an insane woman. She's a pawn. Nothing more. She means nothing to me.
[Alex cries]
Ben Linus: I'm not coming out of this house so if you want to kill her, go ahead and do it...

"Lost: Meet Kevin Johnson (#4.8)" (2008)
Alex: Wait, wait, don't! I'm Ben's daughter! I'm his daughter!