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Ben Linus (Character)
from "Lost" (2004)

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"Lost: There's No Place Like Home: Part 2 (#4.13)" (2008)
Jack Shephard: He told me... that after I left the island, some very bad things happened. And he told me that it was my fault for leaving. And he said that I had to come back.
Ben Linus: Yes, I heard that you've been flying on passenger planes. Hoping that you'd crash. It's dark, Jack, very dark.
Jack Shephard: Why are you here?
Ben Linus: I'm here to tell you that the island won't let you come alone. All of you have to go back.

Ben Linus: I hope you're happy now, Jacob.

John Locke: You just killed everybody on that boat.
Ben Linus: So?

John Locke: What is all this stuff for?
Ben Linus: Same things that all the Dharma stations are for: silly experiments.

Ben Linus: What was the arrangement?
Richard Alpert: They help us free you, and we let them off the island.
Ben Linus: Fair enough. The helicopter is yours. You and Sayid have a safe journey back.
Kate Austen: So we can go? Off the island? That's it?
Ben Linus: That's it.

Martin Keamy: So tell me something, Ben, what is it that makes you so important? I'm curious. I'm curious as to why Mr. Widmore would pay me so much money just to come out here, capture you and bring you back alive.
Ben Linus: Charles Widmore tell you to kill my daughter?

John Locke: Was he talking about what I think he was talking about?
Ben Linus: If you mean time-travelling bunnies, then yes.

Ben Linus: Sometimes good command decisions get compromised by bad emotional responses.

"Lost: Through the Looking Glass (#3.22)" (2007)
Ben Linus: You have to understand, everything I did, I did for the Island.
Mikhail Bakunin: The Island told you it was necessary for you to jam your own people?
Ben Linus: Yes it did. You've always been a loyalist, Mikhail, now I'm asking you to trust me, to trust Jacob who told me to do this.
Mikhail Bakunin: Why would Jacob ask you to lie to your own people?
Ben Linus: Because this Island is under assault by forces stronger than anything its had to deal with in many many years. And we are meant to protect it, Mikhail, by any means necessary. The jamming was for everyone's security. We are in a serious situation here.

Ben Linus: Jack! I know you think you're saving your people. But you need to stop this. It's a mistake.
Jack Shephard: The mistake was listening to you.
Ben Linus: This'll be your last chance, Jack. I'm telling you, making that call is the beginning of the end.
Naomi Dorrit: I've got it, I've got a signal!
Ben Linus: Jack please, you don't know what you're doing!
Jack Shephard: I know exactly what I'm doing.

Ben Linus: Mikhail, you need to go down to The Looking Glass and find out what Charlie Pace is doing down there.
Mikhail Bakunin: You told us The Looking Glass was inoperable, flooded.
Ben Linus: I lied. Mikhail, I need you to go, now!
Mikhail Bakunin: I can be there by dawn. But if Juliet told them about The Looking Glass, what else did she tell them?

Richard Alpert: We're going to the radio tower?
Ben Linus: Not we, Richard, me. You're going to take everyone to the temple as planned.
Richard Alpert: Now might not be the best time to go tromping off on your own.
Ben Linus: Oh really, and why not?
Richard Alpert: Because people are asking questions, Ben. About leaving home, about what happened to Locke, about Jacob. Not to mention the rapidly spreading rumour that everyone that went down to the beach is dead.
Ben Linus: They're not all dead.

Alex: You put my boyfriend in a cage and then you locked him in a room and tried to brainwash him!
Ben Linus: I didn't want him to get you pregnant. I suppose I may have overreacted...

"Lost: Dead Is Dead (#5.12)" (2009)
Ben Linus: This gentlemen and I are taking a boat. Does anyone else have a problem with that?

Ben Linus: [to the Smoke Monster] I'll be outside.

Caesar: What are you doing?
John Locke: Taking the boat.
Caesar: Where?
John Locke: Over to the main island.
Caesar: I don't think so, my friend.
John Locke: Are these your boats?
Caesar: Are they yours?
John Locke: Caesar, right? I was under the impression these were found here so I'm just gonna borrow one. I'm happy to leave the other boat for you in case you want to follow us.
Caesar: Us?
[to Ben]
Caesar: Are you going with him?
Ben Linus: He didn't really give me a choice.
Caesar: I'm sorry, but I'm calling the shots here. And I'm saying you're not taking anything. What you are going to do is sit down and tell me how you know so much about this island, my friend.
John Locke: You're in the habit of calling people "friend", but I don't think you mean it.
Caesar: Step away from the boat.
John Locke: No, I'm not gonna step away from the boat, I'm gonna take it. And you're gonna have it, my friend.
Caesar: You are not taking...
Ben Linus: [holding Caesar's gun] Looking for this?

[last lines]
John Locke: What happened?
Ben Linus: It let me live.

Alex: Daddy?
Ben Linus: Alex.
Alex: Hi Dad.
Ben Linus: Oh, Alex. I'm so, so sorry.

"Lost: Confirmed Dead (#4.2)" (2008)
Karl: Keep your mouth shut, Mr. Linus.
Ben Linus: Karl. Now if you're gonna sleep with my daughter, I insist you call me Ben.

Ben Linus: I know it's not pleasant but, let's face it, you really don't stand a chance now...
James 'Sawyer' Ford: Chance of what?
Ben Linus: James. Look at yourself. Yes, on this island you're brave, daring, handsome, you're someone... but if you left with them, back in the real-world, a low-life scam artist like you could never compete with a first class surgeon. I think Kate was really upset when you made your choice to come with us. Thank God she has Jack there to comfort...
[Sawyer attacks Ben]

Ben Linus: John, listen. I have information that you need. I have answers.
John Locke: What is the monster?
Ben Linus: What?
John Locke: The black smoke, the monster. What is it?
Ben Linus: I don't know.
John Locke: Goodbye, Benjamin.

Ben Linus: Karl, if you're going to be sleeping with my daughter I insist that you call me Ben.

Benjamin Linus: Carl... Carl... if you're going to sleep with my daughter then I insist you call me Ben.

"Lost: Cabin Fever (#4.11)" (2008)
John Locke: I'm sorry those things happened to you, Ben.
Ben Linus: Those things had to happen to me. That was my destiny. But you'll understand soon enough that there are consequences to being chosen. Because destiny, John... is a fickle bitch.

[last lines]
Ben Linus: Did he tell you what we're supposed to do?
John Locke: He did. He wants us to move the island.

Ben Linus: My time is over, John. It's yours now.

John Locke: What?
Ben Linus: He actually thinks staying was his idea. Not bad, John. Not bad at all.
John Locke: I'm not you.
Ben Linus: You're certainly not.

Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes: Well, if the Others didn't wipe out the Dharma Initiative...
Ben Linus: They did wipe them out, Hugo... but it wasn't my decision.
Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes: Then whose was it?
Ben Linus: Their leader's.
Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes: But I thought you were their leader.
Ben Linus: Not always.

"Lost: The Man from Tallahassee (#3.13)" (2007)
Ben Linus: You've been on this island for 80 days, I've lived here my entire life. What makes you think you know this island better than I do?
John Locke: Because you're in the wheelchair, and I'm not.

John Locke: Where did you get electricity?
Ben Linus: We have two giant hamsters running in a massive wheel in our secret underground lair.
John Locke: That's funny.

Ben Linus: Picture a box. You know something about boxes don't you John? What if I told you that somewhere on this island there's a very large box and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted to be in it, when you opened that box there it would be. What would you say about that John?
Locke: I'd say, "I hope that box is big enough to imagine yourself up a new submarine."

John Locke: Man from Tallahassee? What is that? Some kind of code?
Ben Linus: No, John, unfortunately we don't have a code for "There is a man in my closet with a gun to my daughter's head" although we obviously should.

"Lost: The Incident: Part 1 (#5.16)" (2009)
John Locke: Do you mind if I ask you a question?
Ben Linus: I'm a Pisces, John.

Jacob: You like it? I did it myself. It takes a very long time when you're making the thread, but, uh... I suppose that's the point, isn't it?
John Locke: Hello, Jacob.
Jacob: Well, you found your loophole.
John Locke: Indeed I did. And you have no idea what I've gone through to be here.
Ben Linus: Have you met before?
John Locke: In a manner of speaking.
John Locke: Do what I asked you to, Ben.
Jacob: Benjamin... whatever he's told you, I want you to understand one thing. You have a choice.
Ben Linus: What "choice"?
Jacob: You can do what he asked, or you can go, leave us to discuss our... issues.
Ben Linus: Oh... so now, after all this time, you've decided to stop ignoring me. 35 years I lived on this island, and all I ever heard was your name over and over. Richard would bring me your instructions - all those slips of paper, all those lists - and I never questioned anything. I did as I was told. But when I dared to ask to see you myself, I was told, "You have to wait. You have to be patient." But when HE asked to see you? He gets marched straight up here as if was Moses. So... why him? Hmm? What was it that was so wrong with me? What about me?
Jacob: [pause] What ABOUT you?

Sun Kwon: Who's Jacob?
Ben Linus: He's in charge of this island.
Sun Kwon: You said John was in charge.
Ben Linus: No, I said he was the leader. A title that I have discovered is incredibly temporary. But everyone answers to someone and the leader answers to Jacob.

Ben Linus: Why do you want me to kill Jacob, John?
John Locke: Because despite your loyal service to this island, you got cancer. You had to watch your own daughter gunned down right in front of you. And your reward for those sacrifices? You were banished. And you did all this in the name of a man you've never even met. So the question is, Ben, why the hell WOULDN'T you want to kill Jacob?

"Lost: What They Died For (#6.16)" (2010)
Ben Linus: Are you thirsty?
John Locke: This is the well I threw Desmond Hume into.
Ben Linus: What's the matter?
John Locke: I sent Sayid to kill Desmond. Obviously he didn't.
Ben Linus: Looks like someone helped him out.
John Locke: No Ben, someone helped me out.
Ben Linus: What did Widmore say to you?
John Locke: He said Desmond was a fail safe. Jacob's last resort in case God forbid, I managed to kill all of his beloved candidates. There's one final way to make sure I'll never leave this place.
Ben Linus: Then why are you happy he's still alive?
John Locke: Because I'm gonna find Desmond and when I do, he's gonna help me do the one thing that I could never do myself. I'm gonna destroy the island.

Ben Linus: It's C4, Richard. I put some thought into hiding it.
Miles Straume: Let me guess, cookie jar?

Ben Linus: Give me your walkie-talkies
Charles Widmore: Why?
Ben Linus: Because I asked.

"Lost: The Whole Truth (#2.16)" (2006)
Henry Gale: I guess this is my reward for good behavior, huh? I finally got some points for drawing Ana-Lucia that map.
John Locke: What?
Dr. Jack Shephard: Did you...
John Locke: No.
Henry Gale: Wow, you guys have some real trust issues, don't you? Guess it makes sense she didn't tell you. I mean, with the two of you fighting all the time. Of course, if I was one of them - these people that you seem to think are your enemies - what would I do? Well, there'd be no balloon, so I'd draw a map to a real secluded place like a cave or some underbrush - good place for a trap - an ambush. And when your friends got there a bunch of my people would be waiting for them. Then they'd use them to trade for me. I guess it's a good thing I'm not one of them, huh?
Henry Gale: You guys got any milk?

Henry Gale: Of course, if I was one of them, these people that you just assume are your enemies, what would I do? There would be no balloon so I would draw them out to a really secluded place, like a cave or some underbrush, a good place for a trap... an ambush. And when your friends got there a bunch of my people would be waiting for them. Then they would use them to trade for me. I guess it's a good thing I'm not one of them, huh? You guys got any milk?

Henry Gale: This must be my reward for good behavior, huh? I guess I earned myself some goodwill for finally drawing that map for Ana.
John Locke: What map?
Henry Gale: To my balloon.
Jack Shephard: Did you... ?
John Locke: No!
Henry Gale: Wow. You guys have some real trust issues, don't you?... I guess it makes sense she didn't tell you. I mean, with the two of you fighting all the time.
[eats some cereal]
Henry Gale: Of course, if I was one of them, these people that you seem to think are your enemies, what would I do?
[eats some again, speaks with small breaks, and pretends if he was thinking]
Henry Gale: ... Well, there'd be no balloon... So I'd draw a map to a real secluded place... like a cave or some underbrush. A good place for a trap. An ambush... And when your friends got there, a bunch of my people'd be waiting for them... And then they'd use them to trade for me.
[smiles, like he was joking before]
Henry Gale: I guess it's a good thing I'm not one of them, huh? You guys got any milk?

"Lost: 316 (#5.6)" (2009)
Jack Shephard: How can you read?
Ben Linus: My mother taught me. I can read, Jack, because it beats what you're doing.
Jack Shephard: What's that?
Ben Linus: Waiting for something to happen.
Jack Shephard: And what *is* gonna happen?
Ben Linus: You tell me, Jack. You're the one that got to stay after school with Ms. Hawking.

Ben Linus: Thomas the Apostle. When Jesus wanted to return to Judea, knowing that he would probably be murdered there, Thomas said to the others, "Let us also go there and we might die with him." But Thomas was not remembered for this bravery. His claim to fame came later when he refuses to acknowledge the resurrection. He just couldn't wrap his mind around it. The story goes that he needed to touch Jesus wounds to be convinced.
Jack Shephard: So was he?
Ben Linus: Of course he was. We are all convinced sooner or later, Jack.

Jack Shephard: And the other people on this plane, what's gonna happen to them?
Ben Linus: Who cares?

"Lost: The Shape of Things to Come (#4.9)" (2008)
Keamy: Tell your Daddy 'goodbye'.
[hands Alex the Walkie]
Alex: [crying] Dad, they're serious. They killed Karl and my mother.
Ben Linus: Alex, I have this under control. Everythings going to be OK.
Alex: Please, Daddy! Please.
[Keamy takes back the walkie]
Keamy: You have 10 seconds Ben.
Ben Linus: Ok listen...
Keamy: 9.
Ben Linus: She's not my daughter...
Keamy: 8.
Ben Linus: I stole her as a baby from an insane woman. She's a pawn. Nothing more. She means nothing to me.
[Alex cries]
Ben Linus: I'm not coming out of this house so if you want to kill her, go ahead and do it...

Ben Linus: [after Sayid shoots his whole gun empty on the man who killed his wife] That should do it.

James 'Sawyer' Ford: They just started shooting. Why?
Ben Linus: Those people were murdered to make you angry, James. So you'd be more likely to come storming in here en throw me through the walls.
James 'Sawyer' Ford: Well, what's wrong with that? Sounds like a great plan to me.
James 'Sawyer' Ford: [to John Locke] What do you say? On three?

"Lost: Two for the Road (#2.20)" (2006)
Locke: Why did you try to hurt Ana-Lucia but not me?
Henry Gale: Because you're one of the good ones, John.

Henry Gale: You killed two of us, good people who were leaving you alone. You're the killer Ana-Lucia.

Henry Gale: He's a great man, John - a brilliant man... But he is not a forgiving man.

"Lost: The Economist (#4.3)" (2008)
James 'Sawyer' Ford: What's in this cabin that's so important anyway?
Ben Linus: John's looking for somebody to tell him what to do next.

[last lines]
Ben Linus: I have another name for you.
Sayid Jarrah: But they know I'm after them now.
Ben Linus: Good.

Ben Linus: I lost a dollar, you know.
Sayid Jarrah: How did you manage that?
Ben Linus: I bet John that you wouldn't be stupid enough to fall for your friend as bait.
Sayid Jarrah: What do you know about friendship?
Ben Linus: I know it's no use having friends you can't trust.

"Lost: The Lie (#5.2)" (2009)
Ben Linus: Are you looking for your pills Jack? I flushed them down the toilet.
Jack Shephard: Thank you. I was just going to do that myself.
Ben Linus: Yeah, I figured you were.
Jack Shephard: Going somewhere?
Ben Linus: I'm checking out.
Jack Shephard: Where are we going?
Ben Linus: You're going home. Go find yourself a suitcase, if there's anything in this life you want, pack it in there. Because you're never coming back.
Jack Shephard: Good.
Ben Linus: Good. I'll pick you up in six hours.
Jack Shephard: And where will you be going?
Ben Linus: John's casket is outside in a carpet van. I need to move it somewhere safe.
Jack Shephard: Safe? He's dead, isn't he?
Ben Linus: I'll see you in six hours, Jack.

Ben Linus: So what happens if I can't get them all to come back?
Eloise Hawking: Then God help us all.

Ben Linus: Any luck?
Eloise Hawking: Yes.
Ben Linus: Really?
Eloise Hawking: Really. What about you?
Ben Linus: I'm having some difficulty.
Eloise Hawking: You'd better get busy because you only have seventy hours.
Ben Linus: What? Oh, no, that's not enough time. I need at least...
Eloise Hawking: What you need is irrelevant. Seventy hours is what you've got.

"Lost: Meet Kevin Johnson (#4.8)" (2008)
Ben Linus: My spy on the freighter is Michael.
James 'Sawyer' Ford: I'm sorry. You mean the same guy that killed two women in cold blood to set this little bastard free, and then sold all of us out so he could get off the island? That Michael?
John Locke: Yes, James. That Michael.

Michael Dawson: Walt?
[the voice on the phone is not Walt's, but it's familiar]
Ben Linus: I'm so sorry, Michael, but he's still in New York. So I'm afraid you're stuck with me.
Ben Linus: Michael? Are you still there?
Michael Dawson: You put me on this boat, talked me into blowing it up, and when I push the damn button, a flag pops up.
Ben Linus: You actually activated the bomb?
Michael Dawson: [shouts] It's not a bomb! It's a... it's a joke!

Ben Linus: I want you to compile a list of names... every person on your boat. When I call again, you'll give me that list. Then you will disable the radio room you're sitting in. When the crew is disoriented by their lack of communication, you'll take out the engines, too. That way, the boat can never get to this island, and your friends will be safe. Will you do that for me, Michael?
Michael Dawson: Yeah.
Ben Linus: Then consider yourself one of the good guys.

"Lost: Namaste (#5.9)" (2009)
Ben Linus: [to Sun & Frank] There's a small dock about five miles due south across the water. It leads directly to a town I used to live. There are resources there. So if anyone can help you or the rest of the plane get out of here safely...
[Sun knocks him unconscious with an oar]

Young Ben Linus: What's your name?
Sayid Jarrah: Sayid. What's yours?
Young Ben Linus: I'm Ben.
Sayid Jarrah: It's nice to meet you, Ben.

"Lost: LA X - Part 1 (#6.1)" (2010)
Ben Linus: You're the monster.
John Locke: Let's not resort to name calling.

Ben Linus: What do you want?
John Locke: I want the one thing John Locke didn't. I want to go home.

"Lost: One of Us (#3.16)" (2007)
Ben Linus: We've activated the implant. She should be symptomatic in 48 hours. They will have a nice little crises going about the time you get there.

Ben Linus: See you in seven days.

"Lost: The Other Woman (#4.6)" (2008)
Juliet Burke: You knew this would happen. You sent him out here because you knew this would happen. You wanted this! You wanted him to die! Why?
Ben Linus: "Why"? You're asking me why? After everything I did to get you here, after everything I've done to keep you here, how can you possibly not understand... that you're mine?

Ben Linus: John, three months ago in Gainesville, Florida, the Virgin Mary seemed to appear in a patch of mould on the side of an old housing complex. When the word got out, over 5,000 people came to see her face for themselves. You've survived an airline crash on this island. One minute you're in a wheelchair, the next minute you're doing jumping jacks. If 5,000 people came out to see a piece of mould, how many people do you think would come here to see you? Charles Widmore wants to exploit this island, and he'll do everything in his power to possess it.

"Lost: Dr. Linus (#6.7)" (2010)
[Ben runs though the jungle, approaching Ilana, Sun, Frank, and Miles]
Ilana Verdansky: Where's Jarrah?
Ben Linus: I'm fine. Thank you.

[Miles told Ilana that Ben killed Jacob]
Ben Linus: You know, that psychic is totally unreliable. Miles actually tried to blackmail me once.
[Ilana does not reply and storms off]
Frank Lapidus: You make friends easy, don't you?

"Lost: Live Together, Die Alone (#2.23)" (2006)
Michael Dawson: Who are you people?
Henry Gale: We're the good guys, Michael. That's all you need to know.

Henry Gale: Where's your beard?
Mr. Friendly: [holds up fake beard] I think they know.

"Lost: One of Them (#2.14)" (2006)
Jack: [walks in on Locke and Sayid examining Henry Gale, who Rousseau shot in the arm with an arrow] What the hell is going on here?
Sayid: Rousseau trapped him in the jungle. She believes he's an... Other.
Henry Gale: An other *what*?
Jack: So you shot him with an arrow?
Sayid: Do I have the bow?

"Lost: Ab Aeterno (#6.9)" (2010)
Ben Linus: [about Richard] I've known him since I was twelve years old, that should count for something.
Frank Lapidus: So you guys met when you were kids, huh?
Ben Linus: No Frank, I was a kid. Richard looked just like he does today.
Frank Lapidus: You're saying this guy doesn't age?
Ben Linus: That's exactly what I'm saying.

"Lost: He's Our You (#5.10)" (2009)
Sayid Jarrah: You were right about me.
Young Ben: What?
Sayid Jarrah: I am a killer.

"Lost: A Tale of Two Cities (#3.1)" (2006)
Ben Linus: I want you to want to save my life.

"Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo (#6.12)" (2010)
Ben Linus: Kinda makes you think, doesn't it?
Jack Shephard: What's that?
Ben Linus: Ilana. There she was: hand-picked by Jacob, trained to come and protect you candidates. No sooner does she tell you who you are, than she blows up. The island was done with her. Makes me wonder what's gonna happen, when it's done with us.

"Lost: The Cost of Living (#3.5)" (2006)
Ben: Do you believe in God, Jack?
Jack: Do you?
Ben: Two days after I found out I had a fatal tumor on my spine, a spinal surgeon fell out of the sky... and if that's not proof of God, I don't know what is.

"Lost: There's No Place Like Home: Part 1 (#4.12)" (2008)
Ben Linus: How many times do I have to tell you, John? I always have a plan.

"Lost: The End (#6.17)" (2010)
Ben Linus: [on walkie-talkie] Frank? How's it going over there? What's your timetable?
Frank Lapidus: [yells] Don't bother me!
Ben Linus: Sounds like they're making progress.

"Lost: Eggtown (#4.4)" (2008)
Ben Linus: I feel for you, John. I really do. You keep hitting dead ends.

"Lost: The Beginning of the End (#4.1)" (2008)
Jack Shephard: Where is it?
Benjamin Linus: Okay, I probably should have told you that I saw her take the phone, but you beat me up, Jack. I owed you one.
Jack Shephard: What are you talking about?
Benjamin Linus: Kate took it when she hugged you... She found the right trail too, but you wouldn't listen to her, so I guess she's taken matters into her own hands. But look on the bright side - at least somebody around here knows what the hell they're doing.

Lost - Epilogue: The New Man in Charge (2010) (TV)
Ben Linus: My name is Benjamin Linus. I'm from the home office.
Hector: Nobody from the home office has ever come out here.
Ben Linus: There's a new man in charge. He sent me.
Glenn: Sent you to do what?
Ben Linus: Tie up a few loose ends. Your services are no longer required, gentlemen. We're closing this place down. So, you're free to go.

"Lost: The Substitute (#6.4)" (2010)
Ilana: [at Locke's grave] Does anyone want to say anything? Didn't any of you know him?
Ben Linus: Alright, I know him. John Locke was a... A believer, he was a man of faith, he was... A much better man than I will ever be.
Ben Linus: And I'm very sorry I murdered him.
Frank Lapidus: [to himself] Weirdest damn funeral I've ever been to...

"Lost: This Place Is Death (#5.5)" (2009)
[after Kate leaves the parking lot for not wanting to go back to the Island, Sayid starts to do the same]
Ben Linus: Sayid, where are you going?
Sayid Jarrah: I don't want any part of this.
[points to Jack]
Sayid Jarrah: And if I see you or him again, it'll be extremely unpleasant for all of us.
[walks away]

"Lost: Dave (#2.18)" (2006)
Locke: You and your people have been here for God knows how long and you got caught in a net...
Henry Gale: God doesn't know.
Locke: Excuse me?
Henry Gale: God doesn't know how long we've been here, John. He can't see this island any better than the rest of the world can.