Latrell Walker
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Latrell Walker (Character)
from Exit Wounds (2001)

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Exit Wounds (2001)
Latrell Walker: A lot of people talk about police corruption. Stolen drugs, crooked cops: makes you think are all cops bad? I don't think so. Sometimes you have to walk in the darkness, to bring the truth to light.

[T. K. Johnson and Latrell Walker coming into a luxury-car dealership]
T.K. Johnson: Whoa! This is what I'm talking about, this is what I'm talking about.
Latrell Walker: [looks at the silver Bentley Arnage] Nice color.
T.K. Johnson: Yeah, if you're Puffy.

Alan Morris: The cheapest car we have here is seventy five thousand dollars.
Latrell Walker: That it? It got a lot of head room. Get it. Head room.
T.K. Johnson: Yo! This is it.

Alan Morris: Unless you decide you'd like to live in this, I suggest that you...
Latrell Walker: I suggest you get started on the paperwork.

Sgt. Lewis Strutt: Welcome to the inner sanctum, Mr. Walker. I always wanted to do that shit. I swear to God I wish I had a cat. Heard a lot about you.
Latrell Walker: Wish I could say the same.
Sgt. Lewis Strutt: Well, like the saying goes: "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convince the world he didn't exist." Let me show you around.
Latrell Walker: I don't get it. T-shirts?
Sgt. Lewis Strutt: It's amazing what you can do with the right chemicals these days. Your connections are all over the country, this is how we plan to help you get the heroin out of state. No risky exposure, no trail back to us. These t-shirts are dipped in a heroine solution, and dried under these lamps. They're folded and sealed in shrink-wrap. Dogs can't even smell it. You can send them anywhere you want. Extract the heroin later. You in?
Latrell Walker: Yeah, I'm in.

Latrell Walker: I made my father a promise before he died. I promised that I would always be my brother's keeper. I keep my promises.
Orin Boyd: Where'd you promise to meet these boys?
Latrell Walker: Frederick's Cleaners. After midnight.

Latrell Walker: I want to know why you're pressing me.
Matt Montini: Who's pressing you?
Latrell Walker: You got a cop on my ass. Same guy from the other night. He's like a fucking Neanderthal. He keeps popping up all over the place.
Matt Montini: He's not one of ours, alright. I'm gonna take care of him. But you, what the fuck were you thinking, showing up here? I should just shoot you, in case... Look, if I wanted to bust you, man, I would have brought you in a long time ago, you hear me? This is business. I just scraped together a shit load of product for our next deal. Forget it.
Latrell Walker: How much?
Matt Montini: Around five million.
Latrell Walker: Yeah, right.
Matt Montini: You wanted seven figures, that's what I brought you right? If not, then we do have a big problem.

Matt Montini: We'll call you when you're ready. You just have the money together.
Latrell Walker: Done.

Latrell Walker: [to Boyd] Nice friends you got Boyd.