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Quotes for
Maurice (Character)
from Romeo Must Die (2000)

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Romeo Must Die (2000)
Maurice: You ain't the only one that knows some shit.

Han Sing: Sorry Moron.
Maurice: Name's Maurice, bitch.

Maurice: I don't care if you're going to confession - it's going to be you, me, and the priest.

Trish: Do I know you?
Maurice: How you gonna play me like that?
Trish: What?
Maurice: Now you know I work for your pops.
Trish: Right, right. What's your name again? Something starts with an M...
Maurice: Yeah, that's it. That's it.
Trish: Moron.
Maurice: Funny. It's Maurice, all right?

Han Sing: Here's the deal, Meatball. You let me go, I let you live.
Maurice: [Maurice laughs] He say he's gonna let ME live!
[laughs again]
Maurice: You know I'm really gonna miss you? The way you make me laugh. But look on the bright side: some you win... and Dim Sum, you lose.

Maurice: Hey Trish! I'm gonna find your Aaliyah looking ass!

Maurice: [Han Sing starts attacking the gang] The hell what Mac said,somebody kill that son of a bitch!

Han Sing: Where is she?
Maurice: You didn't really think you was gonna get them panties, now did you?
Han Sing: What?
Maurice: Trish. You didn't really think she was gonna give it up to you, now did you?

Maurice: I ain't even gonna look, I ain't even gonna look. I'm just gonna play. I can't see, I can't see.

Maurice: [after scoring a touchdown on a video game against co-workers] How yo momma doin'! How yo momma doin'! Touch-down baby! Take it, take it, take it! Deez nuts in your mouth! I said, put the nuts in your mou-
[boss walks in]
Maurice: ... Why're you all not working? Get to work!

Maurice: [after Han leaves posing as a delivery boy] Where the food?
Trish: What?
Maurice: Delivery boy just left, where the hells the take-out food?
Trish: Are you hungry baby?
Maurice: [runs out door, after Han]