Staff Sgt. Sykes
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Staff Sgt. Sykes (Character)
from Jarhead (2005)

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Jarhead (2005)
Sgt. Siek: [looking at Oil Fires] I could be working with my brother right now. He's got a dry-wall business in Compton. Does the inside of office buildings; you know, the metal studs. I could be his partner, said he'd give me that brand new Dodge Ram Charger. You know, the 318 Magnum? The beast? All indoor work, too, lots of AC. I could sleep with my wife every night, fuck her, maybe; take my kids to school every morning. And I'd run his crews, too, probably increase productivity 40 to 50%. Make $100K a year. Do you know why I don't? Because I love this job. I thank God for every fucking day he gives me in the corps, oorah.

Sgt. Siek: Will you shut the fuck up! There is no bugle program! You sizzle-dick motherfucker! Who do you think you are, some kind of Kenny G or some shit?
Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: No, Staff Sergeant.
Sgt. Siek: Good.

Staff Sgt. Sykes: [Sgt. Sykes is directing the recruits on how to judge distances] You take what you know, and then you multiply. Please don't use your dicks. They're too small, and I can't count that high. I don't wanna hear, "400,000 inches."

Sgt. Siek: Now to the rest of you, do you have what it takes to be the meanest, the cruelest, the most sadist unforgiving mother fuckers in God's cruel kingdom?
All Marines: Yes, Staff Sergeant.
Sgt. Siek: Will you be able to one day say, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I am the baddest mother fucker in the God damn valley?"
All Marines: Yes, Staff Sergeant.
Sgt. Siek: We shall fucking see.

Sgt. Siek: [to the Marines] We've all been taught that; "Thou shalt not kill." But hear this: FUCK-THAT-SHIT!

Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: Field fuck!
Reporter: What did he just say?
Sgt. Siek: He said field fun.

Sgt. Siek: [to Swofford after a football hit his head during the game in NBC-suits] Swofford, I guess you call that using your head, huh?
[smiles to reporters]
Sgt. Siek: Using his head...

Sgt. Siek: [to the dead marine] I told you to keep your fucking head down! If you'd listened to me, you'd still be fucking alive right now, stupid fuck!

Sgt. Siek: [Yelling at a private, who is struggling to get into his protective gear during a gas drill] That's your fuckin' sleeping bag, you moron!

Sgt. Siek: Swofford? Swofford?
Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: Yeah?
Sgt. Siek: What the fuck? You sick?
Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: No, sir. I just got this stomach-thing...
Sgt. Siek: Staff Sergenat Siek. I'm with Surveillance and Target Acquisition. STA. I heard it took six guys to pull that little branding trick on you. And your file says that you ain't dumb either. So you better get unsick most motha fucking rikey-tick, cause' there's a chance that you could be a scout sniper!
Sgt. Siek: [picks up Swofford's book] What the fuck is this?
Sgt. Siek: "The stranger from Camus". That's some heavy dope right there, marine!

[Staff sgt. Sykes sends out his "best snipers", Swofford and Troy]
Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: Thank you, staff sergeant.
Staff Sgt. Sykes: What?
Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: Thank you.
Staff Sgt. Sykes: Don't thank me, just don't fuckin' die.

Kruger: Okay, yeah, sure, fine. I'll take the fucking pills and a year later my asshole will turn inside out and start talking to me!
Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: Okay, stop stop.
Kruger: This pills aren't worth a shit.
Sgt. Siek: Kruger, you country motherfucker

Kruger: This is censorship.
Sgt. Siek: This is what?
Kruger: Censorship. You're telling us what we can and can't say to the press. That's un-American.
Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: Yeah, what about freedom of speech? The Constitution?
Sgt. Siek: No you signed a contract. You don't have any rights. You got any complaints you complain to Saddam Insane and see if he gives a fuck.
Kruger: Why that's exactly what Saddam Hussein does. You're treating us the same way.
Sgt. Siek: You are a marine. There is no such thing as speech that is free. You must pay for everything that you say.

Sgt. Siek: I don't give out too many special treats. But this morning we have a very special treat. Private Swofford here is going to play reveille for us. Okay, Swofford, play reveille.
Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: I don't have a bugle, Staff Sergeant.
Sgt. Siek: You don't have a what?
Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: I don't have a bugle.
Sgt. Siek: Oh no. No, no. Damn, damn. You better play it with your mouth.
Anthony 'Swoff' Swofford: What?
Sgt. Siek: I said play it with your God damn mouth.

Sgt. Siek: Your mission is to kill me. My mission is to kill you first. And I'm good.
Marine in Barracks: Them paintball bullets, they hurt?

Sgt. Siek: [to the Marines] Move it. Didn't I tell you not to get lazy? Let's go. Get it on.

Sgt. Siek: Details, gentlemen, details! Details is gonna be the difference between you killing your target or your target killing you.