Oseary Drakoulias
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Oseary Drakoulias (Character)
from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)

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The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)
Oseary Drakoulias: The wire transfer came straight through from Kentucky, and the bank has agreed to gap-finance the rest. But there are a few hooks on it, so take a pew for a spell. Number One, the bank want a drug screen for everybody on the boat, before they'll forward the money.
Steve Zissou: A piss test?
Oseary Drakoulias: Yes, a piss test. Two, a stooge from the bond company will be riding along during the whole shoot, to keep you on budget.
Steve Zissou: Who's the stooge?
Oseary Drakoulias: A chap by the name of Bill Ubell, and there's not a damn thing you can do about that, Steve. Three, you must swear - legally swear - that you will not kill that shark, or whatever it is, if it actually exists.
Steve Zissou: I'm going to fight it, but I'll let it live. What about my dynamite?
Oseary Drakoulias: [to assistant] Phillip, dynamite.

Steve Zissou: We were pretty good while we lasted, weren't we?
Oseary Drakoulias: Oh, we were like glory's gate, my darling. We were like that bloody shark of yours, we swam with the... oh, damn it, I had it on the plane.

[on a speaker-phone]
Oseary Drakoulias: I spoke with Larry Amin, and it's a pass.
Steve Zissou: In other words, you fucked us!
Oseary Drakoulias: Let's not cast stones at one another, my dear.
[suddenly mad]
Oseary Drakoulias: Do you hear me, damn it? Do you?
Steve Zissou: No, I don't! I told you how to play it!
Oseary Drakoulias: Oh, bloody hell! You listen here, mate!
Ned Plimpton: Can I interrupt for a second?
Oseary Drakoulias: Who the blazes is that?
Ned Plimpton: It's me, Ned. Maybe this is nothing, maybe it's something. I don't know what your problems are, I don't know... but I just inherited $275,000. Would that amount make any difference?
Oseary Drakoulias: What sort of expression is the lad wearing on his face?

Oseary Drakoulias: Good lord. God protect that poor little stooge.

[On the phone, Oseary tells Steve that he has to flee the country]
Steve Zissou: Wait a second. They ripped off my film, my boat's broken, you're ditching me down the river... what am I supposed to do?
Oseary Drakoulias: Well, I must say, nothing's leaping to mind. Phillip, any ideas?
Oseary Drakoulias: No, he's shaking his head.

Oseary Drakoulias: By the way, who knocked up the journalist?
Steve Zissou: [Deadpan] I'm not sure...

Oseary Drakoulias: We're a dying breed.