Julie Ubriacco
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Julie Ubriacco (Character)
from Look Who's Talking Too (1990)

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Look Who's Talking Now (1993)
Mikey Ubriacco: Stop brushing her, Julie. She already looks like a Q-tip.
Julie Ubriacco: Your dog smells like a diaper.
Mikey Ubriacco: Does not!
Julie Ubriacco: Diaper dog! Diaper dog!
Mikey Ubriacco: Q-tip head dog.
Julie Ubriacco: Stinky dog!
Mikey Ubriacco: Bald-butted dog.

Mollie: Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, and she moved to Queens. The end.
Julie Ubriacco: That's not a story!
Mollie: It is tonight. Good night.

[Daphne and Rocks are starting at each other]
Julie Ubriacco: Look! They like each other!
James: [to Mollie] See honey, they like each other.
Daphne: Mongrel.
Rocks: Bitch.

Mollie: [Mollie is confronting a wolf]
Julie Ubriacco: [from the car] Mommy found another doggie!

Mollie: You want to open another one of your presents?
Mikey Ubriacco: It's probably just more stupid clothes.
Mollie: Well you know what? If it weren't for them you'd be freezing your little tushie off right now.
Julie Ubriacco: Yeah!

[Rocks and Daphne are staring at each other]
Julie Ubriacco: Look, they like each other.
Daphne: Mongrel.
Rocks: Bitch.
James: [to Mollie] See, honey. They like each other.