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Quotes for
Rocks (Character)
from Look Who's Talking Now (1993)

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Look Who's Talking Now (1993)
Rocks: Ma, hey Ma! Check it out! I got these things on my face to open. I can see! I can see... wrinkly butts. Yuck!
Rocks's mother: Oh, they're not mine. They're your brothers' and sisters.'
Rocks: Good. That makes me the cute one.

[Daphne and Rocks are starting at each other]
Julie Ubriacco: Look! They like each other!
James: [to Mollie] See honey, they like each other.
Daphne: Mongrel.
Rocks: Bitch.

Daphne: What's your name?
Rocks: They call me No.
Daphne: Silly, that's not your name. That's what they say when you're bad. There must be something else, what're they always calling you?
Rocks: Well there is that rocks thing.
Daphne: Rocks, that's it!

Daphne: I hate this haircut, my butt is freezing!
Rocks: Ha ha, cute butt.

[Rocks and Daphne are staring at each other]
Julie Ubriacco: Look, they like each other.
Daphne: Mongrel.
Rocks: Bitch.
James: [to Mollie] See, honey. They like each other.