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Quotes for
Wallace (Character)
from Shanghai Noon (2000)

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Shanghai Noon (2000)
Wallace: I was just winging it!
Roy O'Bannon: What? No! That's not how we wing it! You've lost your 'winging it' privileges!

Wallace: Reach for the sky, O'Bannon, ha ha!
Roy O'Bannon: That's my line. He stole my gang, he's stealing my lines. It's unbelievable!

Wallace: [When the safe blows out of the train, Wallace says to Roy] Roy, he just blew the shit out of our fruits.

Roy O'Bannon: Reach for the sky ladies and gentle...
Wallace: Touch that gun and I'll blow your goddamn head off!
Roy O'Bannon: What are you doing? No, no, I sorta like to be the only guy that talks, alright?
Wallace: Okay, sorry.
Roy O'Bannon: [aside to Blue] Why's the new guy talking? Where did you get this guy? I'm the only one who talks!