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Charles Siringo (Character)
from Mrs. Sundance (1974) (TV)

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Face to Face (1967)
Charley Siringo: [confronts Fletcher and Bennet] Beauregard Bennet! Brad Fletcher! Throw down your arms! I arrest you... in the name of the law.
Professor Brad Fletcher: [Fletcher shoots Siringo, wounding him. Bennet throws down his rifle and one of his gunbelts] What are you doing? You crazy?
Solomon 'Beauregard' Bennet: I'm doing what I think is right.
Professor Brad Fletcher: "Right"! What does that mean? How do you know what's right? Was it right for Siringo to kill the sheriff just to get into your gang? Maybe you think the vigilantes were right. Answer me! Is that it? Listen, Beau - there's only one kind of right in the world. The kind you make for yourself if you're big enough and strong enough! And we're both strong, Beau. You and I together, we can recruit the best men in the West! Bennet's Raiders, a hundred times stronger than before! I have some wonderful plans. There's no other kind of right, can't you understand that?
Solomon 'Beauregard' Bennet: [punches Fletcher] There is, damn you, there is! There is! Know where? Right here in my heart! Go away and leave me, Brad. There's nothing more you can do.
Professor Brad Fletcher: No. There's still one thing I can do...
[looks at Siringo]
Professor Brad Fletcher: And I should have done it long before.
[Fletcher readies his rifle and prepares to kill Siringo. Suddenly, a shot rings out - Bennet has shot Fletcher with his revolver]
Professor Brad Fletcher: But... Beau, what made you do it?
Solomon 'Beauregard' Bennet: It was what I had to do.
Professor Brad Fletcher: [staggers away] I had many ideas... so many... so many plans, Beau... great... great...
[Fletcher staggers behind a dune, and dies]

Solomon 'Beauregard' Bennet: You really think I'm gonna accept just anybody who offers to join?
Charley Siringo: No. But then, I'm... not just anybody.

Charley Siringo: [referring to a pile of "Wanted" posters] These posters are my references.

Charley Siringo: [referring to a damaged sheriff's star on his coat] It's my good luck charm... from my first sheriff.

Charley Siringo: [to Bennet] I admit you're plenty smart. And that's the main reason I wanna work for you.

[last lines]
Charley Siringo: [after shooting the face of a vigilante who resembles Bennet] He's got long hair. He's built... 'bout the same as you. Nobody'll recognise his face now. The law will be satisfied with a fake Beauregard Bennet. Anyhow, the real one doesn't exist anymore. Now, beat it. Run, Beau.
[Bennet is confused]
Charley Siringo: Go 'way!
Solomon 'Beauregard' Bennet: [mounts his horse] Good luck, friend. Adiós!
[rides off]
Charley Siringo: Luck to you, Beau.

Solomon 'Beauregard' Bennet: Did you ever hear talk of the, um... Pinkertons?
Charley Siringo: Sure. It's a private detective agency.
Solomon 'Beauregard' Bennet: Well, of all the lawmen on my trail these days, they're the most troublesome.
[referring to Siringo's posters]
Solomon 'Beauregard' Bennet: They could make up a story like yours.
Charley Siringo: I understand. But, this'll prove that I don't have anything to do with them.
[pulls out a gun and aims it at Bennet, but doesn't fire]
Charley Siringo: A Pinkerton man would've shot the both of you by now. Who'd stop him?
Solomon 'Beauregard' Bennet: I would.
[Siringo chuckles, only to hear Bennet cock a revolver under the table]

Charley Siringo: Try to understand, sheriff... but, I've had several chances to catch Beauregard; I've been after him for months. But I haven't done it, because he's been trying to round up some of his former friends. When they're all together - that'll be the time to arrest Beauregard, and his whole gang with him. Put an end to Bennet's Raiders for good.
Sheriff at de Winton Estate: Smart plan you've cooked up, Siringo... only Beauregard Bennet's gonna be my prisoner, mister. I'm going to the de Wintons to arrest him. And you'd better keep out of my way.
Charley Siringo: [ruefully] Yep. I'd better keep out of your way.

[Siringo has sabotaged the Raiders' bank robbery and killed or wounded most of its members]
Charley Siringo: Maximilian! You're all alone now!
Maximilian de Winton: I've been alone all my life.
Charley Siringo: Come on out!
Maximilian de Winton: On one condition!
Charley Siringo: Name it.
Maximilian de Winton: That both of us come out.
Charley Siringo: That's all right.
[Both men emerge from their hiding places, and draw their guns - Siringo is the victor]
Maximilian de Winton: [looking at the blood on his hands] Good shot...

[Zachary and the vigilantes are halted by Siringo]
Charley Siringo: Stop! Stop in the name of the law!
Zachary Shawn: What's the idea, Siringo? Get out of our way!
Charley Siringo: All you fellas go back home! There's nothin' more to do here. Beauregard Bennet and Brad Fletcher are my affair! Those other people haven't broken the law. They've got a right to go where they like!
Zachary Shawn: [whispering to a vigilante] We got to get him out of the way. You shoot him, I'll cover you.
[the vigilante rides up to Siringo to shoot him, but Siringo shoots him first. Zachary fires - his shot hits Siringo in the arm. Siringo shoots him]
Charley Siringo: Try again if you want... every one of you will have a Pinker't man on your heels the rest of your life. Clear out! Go on home!
[the vigilantes ride away]

Mrs. Sundance (1974) (TV)
[first lines]
Charles Siringo: Well?
Mr. Spence: She came in two days ago - hied over to Amy Wilkens'. Didn't place her at first until they caught her rolling a customer. Hold your face up. Yeah, she's your one all right. I would have taken her to Denver myself, except it's a long ride and I heard you were in the field and... Hey, what I mean, if you want to hear a story, give me a few minutes with her and I'll have her confessin'!
Charles Siringo: Put her back in your corral, Mr. Spence.

Charles Siringo: They say it's just across the border into Wyoming - a prehistoric lake. Receding waters left it hemmed in by mountains; honeycombed with passages where a man could hide forever. Only one of those passage leades in - the Hole in the Wall - and only one living person known to us knows the way... Etta Place.

Jack Maddox: I don't know what the game is here...
Charles Siringo: The game, Mr. Maddox, is names.
Davis: Elzy Lay, Lonnie Logan, Ben Kilpatrick...
Charles Siringo: Familiar names, Mr. Maddox?
Merkle: Tom O'Day, Bob Lee...
Jack Maddox: They're Cassidy's bunch - the Wild Bunch!
Charles Siringo: Still raiding from their base in the Hole. Still wanted dead or alive for a combined reward of $200,000. Etta Place will lead us up there, we will follow her in - that's the plan, Mr. Maddox.

Charles Siringo: We'll be comin' in one hour after you - exactly one hour.
Jack Maddox: How do we get past their outposts?
Charles Siringo: They know her. They'll let you in.
Jack Maddox: How do you get by 'em?
Charles Siringo: My problem.
Jack Maddox: Now once we get up there, there's goin' to be some pretty direct questions.
Charles Siringo: Your problem.

Jack Maddox: Why me?
Charles Siringo: Because Mr. Maddox you are scum! You're whole life is one of crawlin' and squirmin'. To live, you crawl and you're crawlin' now. You'll get here there because you're a stinkin' coward! But, you, eh, served my purpose.

Wanted: The Sundance Woman (1976) (TV)
Pinkerton Man: [First lines] You're spending too much time on Etta Place, Charlie. We have other things to do.
Detective Charlie Siringo: Well, I'm not quitting. I said I'd get her.
Pinkerton Man: I'm beginning to wonder just how important she is any more. A girl gone wrong out of love for a bad man. The man's dead now. What more can she do?
Detective Charlie Siringo: She has to pay for what she's already done.

Pinkerton Man: Do you really want to send that pretty girl to prison?
Detective Charlie Siringo: Girl, man, dog or horse, a criminal's a criminal. She broke the law.

Detective Charlie Siringo: A law broken is a debt owed. Of course, the size of the debt depends on how much help you give me.

Etta Place: Are you sure you're not jealous?
Detective Charlie Siringo: The only thing appealing about you - is a vision of you in prison. You won't be so pretty after awhile.
Etta Place: Oh? You think I'm pretty? You really think I'm pretty, Charlie?