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Etta Place (Character)
from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

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Mrs. Sundance (1974) (TV)
[Mrs. Lee checks the title of one of Etta's textbooks]
Mrs. Lee: "Knights of the Round Table" What's it about?
Etta Place: A way of life - ideas, enemies, friends...
Mrs. Lee: Lydia Cain didn't teach that in my day. Taught us we's here and they's there and you did Jesus' work with a whip.

Mrs. Lee: What are you doing here, Miss Johnson? If I were younger, if I looked like you, I'd want to take the first train out. You have everything in the world and you come here. Well, that doesn't make any sense. No reason - except for one thing that I can think of.
Etta Place: What's that, Mrs. Lee?
Mrs. Lee: We're simple people, but kind - too kind. Even the deer come in to hide. You can do that here. I've been watching you since the first day you came. Every time a train stops, every time someone just passes through - the fear in your eyes. Hiding out; never showing till they're gone. Why? Hiding from what? Who wants you?

Jack Maddox: The whole country's lookin' for you. You know that? They say you know where it's all at: money, people, all the guys that rode with Sundance and Butch from here to the Hole-in-the-Wall. They say what you know could fill a bank. That's what they say. What were you thinkin' about comin' back here?
Etta Place: It's my home.

Jack Maddox: What's the matter? I thought you were a rambler?
Etta Place: I tried.
Jack Maddox: Shake your feet!
Etta Place: Not any more. I can't run any more.

Jack Maddox: Sundance never taught you that.
Etta Place: Sundance was good at it. Even Siringo couldn't catch him - drove him out of the country, but he couldn't catch him. Took an army to do that. He taught me to hunt and ride and trap. He was... oh, how he could take my breathe away. There was never any talk of the future - we both seemed to know what it would be. And he was true to his name - Sundance. He spent more time in the air than on the ground - but then, of course, you knew him.

[Etta is surprised when the broke Maddox arrives at Fanny's with two horses and plenty of supplies]
Etta Place: Where did all that come from?
Jack Maddox: I ran into a couple of local fellas who thought they could spell poker.

Etta Place: What are you doing here with me now?
Jack Maddox: Well, I thought if I took you through, if I helped you get through, Sundance would show favor for it and take me on.
Etta Place: You get us up there and I get us through the Hole in the Wall, is that it?
Jack Maddox: That's it. It's a fair bargain, huh?
Etta Place: I don't know the way in.

Etta Place: I'd be in here mostly and I'd hear him ride up, or he'd just be here when I'd come home. Just like that. Sometimes with pockets of money, broke sometimes. Money just ran through his hands... and so did I.

[reading the names on the tombstones in the Hole-in-the-Wall graveyard]
Jack Maddox: There's Tom O'Day, Lonnie Logan, Bob Lee. No Wild Bunch. Dead.
Etta Place: How far is Siringo behind us, Mr. Maddox? That's what this is all about, isn't it? Blood money - I lead them up here and they collect the reward for those left.
[reading another gravestone]
Jack Maddox: "I am buried by old Walt Putnam, boys. They are chasing me, but I am in Hell. Ha ha." Nothin'. Nothin' here. Nobody knew - that was their joke. Old Walt bringin' 'em up here to bury. They're all dead and gone.
Etta Place: Except me, Mr. Maddox.

Etta Place: What was in it for you?
Jack Maddox: I was in the Colorado State prison for attempted robbery. Attempted - I couldn't even do that right. Siringo sprung me. I don't know how he did - he has a way with these things. The deal was... well, you know what the deal was.

[last lines]
Etta Place: There goes Jack Maddox, they'll say. He knew the Sundance Kid and I knew 'em both.
Jack Maddox: Just shows what a man can do in this country.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)
[before riding the bicycle]
Etta Place: Do you know what you're doing?
Butch Cassidy: Theoretically.

Butch Cassidy: Do you believe I'm broke already?
Etta Place: Why is there never any money, Butch?
Butch Cassidy: Well, I swear, Etta, I don't know. I've been working like a dog all my life and I can't get a penny ahead.
Etta Place: Sundance says it's because you're a soft touch, and always taking expensive vacations, and buying drinks for everyone, and you're a rotten gambler.
Butch Cassidy: Well that might have something to do with it.

Sundance Kid: What I'm saying is, if you want to go, I won't stop you. But the minute you start to whine or make a nuisance, I don't care where we are, I'm dumping you flat.
Butch Cassidy: Don't sugarcoat it like that, Kid. Tell her straight.
Etta Place: I'm 26, and I'm single, and a school teacher, and that's the bottom of the pit. And the only excitement I've known is here with me now. I'll go with you, and I won't whine, and I'll sew your socks, and I'll stitch you when you're wounded, and I'll do anything you ask of me except one thing. I won't watch you die. I'll miss that scene if you don't mind.

Sundance Kid: Did you say they were hired permanent?
Etta Place: No, just until they kill you.

Etta Place: Butch?
Butch Cassidy: Hmm.
Etta Place: Do you ever wonder if I'd met you first, we'd be the ones to get involved?
Butch Cassidy: But we are involved, Etta. Don't you know that? I mean you are riding on my bicycle - in some Arabian countries that's the same as being married.

Butch Cassidy: Jeesh, all Bolivia can't look like this.
Sundance Kid: How do you know? This might be the garden spot of the whole country. People may travel hundreds of miles just to get to this spot where we're standing now. This might be the Atlantic City, New Jersey of all Bolivia for all you know.
Butch Cassidy: Look, I know a lot more about Bolivia than you know about Atlantic City, New Jersey, I can tell you that!
Sundance Kid: Aha! You do, huh? I was born there, I was born in New Jersey. Was brought up there, so...
Butch Cassidy: You're from the east? I didn't know that.
Sundance Kid: The total tonnage of what you don't know is enough to shatter...
Etta Place: I'm not sure we're accomplishing as much as we'd like here.
Sundance Kid: Listen, your job is to back me up, because you'd starve without me. And you, your job is to shut up!
Butch Cassidy: He'll feel a lot better after he's robbed a couple of banks.
Sundance Kid: Bolivia. Hahahaha...

Butch Cassidy: Those guys will split up eventually. They can't stay together that long.
Etta Place: Yes they can, because of Mr. E.H. Harriman.
Sundance Kid: E.H. Harriman?
Etta Place: Yes. Apparently Mr. E.H. Harriman is not happy that you boys are picking on him. So he has put together a special armored train and hired new employees to get you.
Butch Cassidy: That must cost him more than I ever took from him. If he wants to pay that much to get me to stop robbing him, then he can give it to me and I'll stop robbing him.