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Howard (Character)
from Pleasantville (1998)

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Pleasantville (1998)
[David and Howard are eating lunch at school and studying for the "Pleasantville" Trivia Competition]
Howard: Okay, in the very first "Pleasantville" episode, whose window did Bud break when he was playing with his father's golf clubs?
David: Easy: Mister Jenkins. What job did Mister Jenkins have?
[Howard doesn't know]
David: Salesman. What did Bud and Mary Sue name the cat they found in the gutter?
Howard: Scout?
David: Marmalade! All right, all right, here's one. Why did their parents come home early from their weekend at the lake?
[Howard doesn't know]
David: 'Cause Bud didn't answer the phone and they were worried about him.
Howard: Man. You're unbelievable. You'll win this thing for sure. When is it on?
David: Uh, marathon starts at 6:30, contest is tomorrow at noon.
Howard: A thousand bucks, huh? And it's on all night?
David: Well, of course it is, Howard. That's why they call it a marathon.