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Jennifer (Character)
from Pleasantville (1998)

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Pleasantville (1998)
David: They're happy like this.
Jennifer: No, David. Nobody's happy in a poodle skirt and a sweater set.

Betty Parker: Mary Sue?
Jennifer: Yeah?
Betty Parker: What goes on up at Lover's Lane?
Jennifer: What do you mean?
Betty Parker: Well, you hear these things lately... kids spending so much time up there. Uh, is it holding hands? That kind of thing?
Jennifer: Yeah! That and...
Betty Parker: What?
Jennifer: It doesn't matter.
Betty Parker: No, I wanna know.
Jennifer: Well, sex.
Betty Parker: Oh. What's sex?

Jennifer: I did the slut thing, David. It got kinda old.

Jennifer: And I still don't see why we're doing this!
David: Because we're supposed to be in school.
Jennifer: We're supposed to be at home, David. We're supposed to be in color!
David: [placatingly] Okay, okay, okay.
Jennifer: God!

[after Mary Sue explains to Betty about sex]
Jennifer: Are you okay?
Betty Parker: Um, yes. It's, uh, just that your father would never do anything like that.
Jennifer: Ahhhh.
Betty Parker: Mmm.
Jennifer: Well, you know, Mom, there are other ways to enjoy yourself... without Dad.

Jennifer: Hey, can I ask you a question?
David: Sure.
Jennifer: How come I'm still in black and white?
David: What?
Jennifer: I've had, like, ten times as much sex as the rest of these girls, and I still look like this. I mean, they spend, like, an hour in the back seat of some car and all of a sudden they're in Technicolor?
David: I don't know. Maybe it's not just the sex.

Jennifer: I knew you'd pay a price for this. I knew you couldn't be so hopelessly geek-ridden for so long without suffering some really tragic consequences.

Jennifer: I was thinking of wearing that red thing... it's not slutty!... it's fun.

Jennifer: [looking at boobs in mirror] I could, like, kill a guy with these things.

Jennifer: You listen to me for just a minute! I don't know what you've done to us, but you better fix it!
David: Shhh!
Jennifer: Fast! I had a date with Mark Davis and I even bought new underwear!

Skip: I'll see you at school, Mary Sue.
[Jennifer smiles as Skip drives away]
Jennifer: Who's that?
David: Skip Martin, captain of the basketball team.
Jennifer: Does he like me?
David: As a matter of fact, he does.
[Jennifer's smile turns slightly lecherous]

[the geography teacher uses a pointer to demonstrate, on the classroom blackboard, the world of Pleasantville, which consists of Elm Street, Main Street, and the Town Hall]
Miss Peters: Last week, class, we discussed the geography of Main Street. This week we're going to be talking about Elm Street. Now, can anyone tell me the difference between Elm Street and Main Street? Tommy.
Tommy: It's not as long?
Miss Peters: That's right, Tommy, it's not as long. Also, it only has houses, so the geography of Main Street is different than the geography of Elm Street.
[Jennifer is frowning in bewilderment. She raises her hand]
Miss Peters: Mary Sue!
Jennifer: Yeah. What's outside of Pleasantville?
[the entire class turns to look at her]
Miss Peters: I don't understand.
Jennifer: Outside of Pleasantville? Like, what's at the end of Main Street?
Miss Peters: [chuckles and shakes her head] Mary Sue. You should know the answer to that! The end of Main Street is just the beginning again.
[the teacher points at the intersection of Elm and Main. The class feels released to giggle at Jennifer/Mary Sue's clearly stupid question, and Jennifer frowns again]

Skip: I don't know if I ever told you this before, but I think you're just about the keenest girl in the whole school!
Jennifer: Oh, really Skip? The keenest?

Jennifer: HELLO! I've got like three pounds of underwire on here!

Jennifer: This place gives me the creeps! Did you know that the books are blank?
David: What?
Jennifer: Yeah, I was in the library and I looked, and they have covers and there's nothing inside of them.
David: What were you doing in a library?
Jennifer: I got lost.

Jennifer: Look at me! I'm pasty!

Jennifer: You can pin me anytime, Skip. Or maybe I should just pin you.
Skip: [laughs] That's silly, Mary Sue. How could you possibly pin me?

Skip: Mary Sue, I think I should go home now.
Jennifer: Why what's wrong?
Skip: I think I might be
[looking down]
Skip: ... ill. Somethings happening to me.
Jennifer: [looking with him] That's supposed to happen.
Skip: It is?
Jennifer: Yeah, trust me.

David: What can I get you two?
Skip: Well, Bud, I think I'll have my usual cheeseburger and a Cherry Coke.
Jennifer: Oh, I don't know Bud... I think I'll have a salad and an Evian water...
[Bud gives her a dirty look]
Jennifer: Cheeseburger it is!

Kimmy: [about David] Oh, my God. He is, like, so pathetic. I can't believe you're, like, related to him!
Jennifer: Only on my parents' side.
Kimmy: Yeah, but you guys are, like, twins and stuff. You must be from the cool side of the uterus.

Jennifer: [on the phone] It was so amazing, Daff! I was like, "So, my mom's gonna be out of town," and he was like, "Yeah? Well, maybe we could..." and I was like, "Yeah, sure," and he was like, "Cool,"... I know! He is so smart!

Skip: [townspeople are burning library books] Mary Sue, it's better this way!
Jennifer: This is the only book I've ever read in my whole life, and you're not going to put it on that fire!