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Prince Tricky (Character)
from Star Fox Adventures (2002) (VG)

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Star Fox: Assault (2005) (VG)
Prince Tricky: FOOOOOOOOOX!

Prince Tricky: So, Fox! You're here to fight 'em, right? Well, I'm going with ya!
Fox McCloud: Aw. I appreciate it, but you're needed here, pal! Besides, I'm leaving Sauria in your care. Remember, you're the leader here now, Tricky.
Prince Tricky: ...OK. Mm, I'll do it! Yeah, yeah! I'll take care of things here so you two can come back on your honeymoon!
Fox McCloud: What? What are you nuts? Uh... we're not... we're not yet...
Prince Tricky: Not Yet?
Fox McCloud: Uh... I mean... I mean... This isn't a conversation for children!
[Krystal laughs]
Prince Tricky: You said you weren't going to treat me like a kid any more.
Fox McCloud: Then stop acting like one.
Prince Tricky: You're just mad cause you don't want to talk about it.
Krystal: All right that's enough, boys.

Star Fox Adventures (2002) (VG)
Fox McCloud: Prince Tricky, Earthwalker, you are now an honorary member of the Starfox team!
Prince Tricky: Dad! Did you hear that? Me! A member of Starfox! Do I get my own spaceship?