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Quotes for
Tiff (Character)
from "Kirby Right Back at Ya!" (2001)

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"Kirby Right Back at Ya!" (2001)
Chef Kawasaki: Kirby's wrecking my restaurant!
Tiff: Don't blame him. Blame the King and Escargoon!
Tuff: Yeah, they're the ones who made Kirby mess up!
Chef Kawasaki: Well, that may be true, Tuff, but I can't fire the King!

Tuff: What are we going to do, Tiff?
Tiff: I'm thinking, Tuff! It takes a while to come up with a good idea!
[Tiff's stomach growls]
Tiff: [looking embarrassed] My stomach thinks it's a good idea to find some lunch.

Tuff: Kirby's in trouble!
Tiff: That monster knows every trick in the book!
Meta Knight: You mean in the cookbook!

Meta Knight: I fear Microphone Kirby mat be Kirby's most powerful form!
Tiff: Now you tell me!

Tiff: You can't ever win unless you cheat!
King Dedede: Thanks for the advise!

King Dedede: Here come yer biggest fans for your autograph!
Tiff: But you crooks are the ones who started all this trouble in the first place!
King Dedede: We was fooled by the Broom King, just like the rest of ya. Right, Escargoon?
Escargoon: Hah! That's a likely story.

Tiff: That's embarrasing.
Escargoon: Honey, you don't know the meaning of the word embarrasing.

The Fight for the Fox Box (2003) (TV)
Tiff: [bursts into a room where Meta Knight and two other knight characters are watching TV] Meta Knight! We've got big trouble! Dedede got his hands on one of the Fox Box broadcast codes and now he's gonna change the Kirby show!
Meta Knight: Change the Kirby show? We must stop him. Go to Kabu; he will know what to do.
Tiff: [Tiff runs to the forest in Kabu Canyon where Kabu the giant tree is] Dedede's got one of the Fox Box broadcast codes, Kabu! We have to get it back before...
Kabu: [interrupting] I know all about it, and where the codes are hidden. You must get to them before he does, or the Fox Box is doomed.