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Falco Lombardi (Character)
from Star Fox 64 (1997) (VG)

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Star Fox 64 (1997) (VG)
Falco Lombardi: Gee, I've been saved by Fox. How swell.

Fox McCloud: [after beating the bio weapon at Aquas] We're preparing to dock! Thanks Slip! Blue Marine came through
Peppy Hare: Slippy's not such a screw up after all
Slippy Toad: Thanks a lot Peppy!
Falco Lombardi: [sarcastically] I'll take the sky any day
Slippy Toad: [annoyed] Sheesh Falco! You too!

Falco Lombardi: Hold still and lemme shoot you.

Caiman: Caiman here... no problems...
[Star Fox blasts one of the ships]
Caiman: Do you copy? Emergency Maneuvers!
Falco Lombardi: Too late. Game over, pal!

Falco Lombardi: I guess I should be thankful.

Fox McCloud: We're heading out. All aircraft report.
Slippy Toad: You did it! I was worried for a moment.
Peppy Hare: You're becoming more like your father.
Falco Lombardi: I'm fine. You okay over there, Fox?

Falco Lombardi: Time for a little payback!

Falco Lombardi: You worry about your own hide.

Falco Lombardi: I'll take the sky any day.
Slippy Toad: Sheesh, Falco! You too?

Slippy Toad: They almost got us!
Peppy Hare: I'm not too crazy about those guys.
Falco Lombardi: So that's Star Wolf?

Falco Lombardi: [being chased by lava birds] I ain't your buddy! Go away!

Falco Lombardi: Katt? What are you doing here?
Katt Monroe: Is that any way to treat a girl?

Peppy Hare: [after Fox successfully defeats Andross] Fox! Are you okay?
Slippy Toad: YES! YOU DID IT!
Falco Lombardi: Okay, I'll admit it. You did good, Fox.

Falco Lombardi: [getting shot by Fox] Hey, Einstein! I'm on your side!

Katt Monroe: Are you going to hog all the fun?
Falco Lombardi: Katt? Can't you go bother someone else?

Falco Lombardi: [sarcastically to Fox driving the Landmaster tank] I think you look better in a tank.
Fox McCloud: Why don't you come down here, Falco?
Falco Lombardi: I'll pass, Fox.
[to himself]
Falco Lombardi: He can sure be a pain in the neck.
Peppy Hare: Don't go too fast, Falco.

Fox McCloud: All aircraft report.
Slippy Toad: I thought I was a goner!
Falco Lombardi: We're always savin' your hide, Slip.
Peppy Hare: I'm sure he's learned his lesson.
Fox McCloud: When we get back, we'll head to Venom.

Fox McCloud: Open the wings.
[all open their wings on their ships]
Fox McCloud: Check your G-diffuser system.
Falco Lombardi: Falco here. I'm fine.
Peppy Hare: This is Peppy. All systems go.
Slippy Toad: Slippy here. I'm okay.
Fox McCloud: I see 'em up ahead! Let's rock and roll!

Falco Lombardi: Oh, man, I'm gonna have to back off!

Slippy Toad: [after Fox accidentally shoots him] What do you think you're doing, Fox?
Falco Lombardi: Pipe down, Slippy. Just hold on.
[Slippy still hangs on, trying to analyze the shield]
Falco Lombardi: Slippy, what're you doin'? Hurry up!

Falco Lombardi: Ah, you're gettin' better, Fox.

Fox McCloud: [after successfully defeating Star Wolf] All aircraft report.
Slippy Toad: Hey, we made it!
Peppy Hare: Fox, take it easy!
Falco Lombardi: That was a close call, Fox!

Falco Lombardi: Scratch one bogey!
[Fox shoots Falco's enemy]
Falco Lombardi: Go find your own target, Fox!

Spyborg: The view is clear. Destroy. Destroy.
Falco Lombardi: Destroy what? He's crazy!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (2008) (VG)
Falco: Fox looks like he's got his hands full.
Krystal: Yes, he's putting up quite the fight, though.
Peppy Hare: You know, he reminds me more of his father every day.
Slippy: Hey, this is no time for chitchat, guys! Shouldn't we be worried about Fox? He's out there with no air! How's he supposed to breathe?
Peppy Hare: Bah! Way to go, Slippy. No one would've even noticed if you hadn't opened your big yap!

Falco: Hands off my prey!

Falco: [before using his Final Smash, a Landmaster tank with longer floating time] Personally, I prefer the air.

Falco: Piece of cake!
[kicks his reflector around]

Falco: Don't try me.

Falco: [winning a match against Fox] You're off your game, Fox!

Falco: [a dogfight in space is happening] Pff! We meet again, Star Wolf!
Krystal: Uugh! These guys are no joke!
Leon Powalski: Heh, I'll make sure to work you over real good before I turn you into scrap metal.
Panther Caroso: Do you see my red rose? It marks your imminent death!
Wolf O'Donnell: Listen close: I won't let a single one of you leave here alive! And Fox, remember this! I'm the one who's going to take you down!

Star Fox: Assault (2005) (VG)
Fox McCloud: So, I guess this is like an amusement park for a former gang member?
Falco Lombardi: You better believe it!

Fox McCloud: Falco, Slippy the airbourne enemies are all yours.
Falco Lombardi: Gotcha try not to make a mess of things, Slippy.
Slippy Toad: Give it a rest Falco, seriously. Shut your beak for once!

Falco Lombardi: You overgrown gnats! I'll destroy every last one of you!

Falco Lombardi: [after Fox Shoots Falco while riding on Falco's Arwing] What? Is it bird season all of a sudden?

Rob 64: Another Missile Detected
Falco Lombardi: Uhh, *that* looks bigger than a missile

Falco Lombardi: Fox? Are you alright?
Fox McCloud: Quit screaming Falco. I'm fine. There must have been some problem with security.
[He draws his gun and dodges a robot's shot]
Fox McCloud: .
Fox McCloud: The sentry bots seem to have taken a liking to me.
Falco Lombardi: Gah. That must be Pigma's work. I'm on my way.
Fox McCloud: Yeah. Could you hurry?

Peppy Hare: [mission briefing before the Sargasso Space Hideout level] Curse you, Pigma! Why'd you run to such a vile place?
Slippy Toad: [sounding worried] This colony's supposed to be a hideout for all sorts of criminals.
Ruffian: [comes on the viewscreen] Don't you idiots know this is part of Lord O'Donnell's territory?
Falco Lombardi: Hey! Who let you in?
Fox McCloud: This is the Star Fox team! We're here for a hog named Pigma! We don't want trouble!
Ruffian: We don't know about no Pigma or any other fool. And now we know you're Star Fox, you ain't going nowhere.
[to someone offscreen]
Ruffian: C'mon you lazy scum! Let's skin this fox and his whole crew! Get more guys up here! Come on!

Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001) (VG)
Slippy Toad: Use the B button and the Control Stick combos for special moves!
Peppy Hare: Press Up, X, or Y to jump!
Falco Lombardi: What? You're just now explaining the controls?

Slippy Toad: Wow! I almost feel like going for a swim!
Falco Lombardi: You swim in the ocean too?
Slippy Toad: Don't make fun of me, birdbrain!
Peppy Hare: Ahh, to be young again...

Peppy Hare: Fox! Be careful! I have a bad feeling about this.
Slippy Toad: What? Everything's fine - I'm here!
Falco Lombardi: That's what worries me the most...

Falco Lombardi: Behind you, Fox! Stay alert!
Peppy Hare: Just don't give up! Trust your senses.
Slippy Toad: Come on, Fox!

Star Fox Adventures (2002) (VG)
Falco Lombardi: Hey, McCloud! Different time, different planet, and you still need Falco's help! It's good to see you, buddy!

Andross: [after being hit by a bomb] Urgh!
Falco Lombardi: Hey, McCloud! Different time, different planet, and you still need Falco's help.