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Simon Belmont (Character)
from "Captain N: The Game Master" (1989)

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Castlevania: Judgment (2008) (VG)
Simon Belmont: I will show you the might of House Belmont.

Simon Belmont: Witness the Power of the Belmont clan.

Simon Belmont: He who wields this whip, is not easily defeated.

Simon Belmont: [Performing is hyper move] Know the might of legend.

"Captain N: The Game Master: Kevin in Videoland (#1.1)" (1989)
Princess Lana: You may have helped me win the battle, but the war is far from over. You will stay and help defend Videoland, won't you?
Kevin Keene: Sorry, your highness. But I've got to get back to MY world.
Duke: Woof!
Simon Belmont: Yes, well, it was very nice of you to drop by. Do come back and visit us soon. Say, in 20 years?