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Quotes for
Yoshi (Character)
from Yoshi's Story (1997) (VG)

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"The New Super Mario World: Mama Luigi (#1.13)" (1991)
Yoshi: Why do I have to go to bed so soon?
Luigi: Well, you know what they say in Brooklyn. Early to bed, early to catch the worm. Or is it the bagel?
Yoshi: Mmmm. Worms good.

Yoshi: Skulls? Skulls mean bad medicine!
Luigi: Well, these skulls were good medicine for me.

Mario: [inside Yoshi's stomach] Now I know how a meatball feels!
Yoshi: [spits Mario out] Eww! Yoshi no like meatballs!
Mario: Yuck! I've been slobbered!
Luigi: That'll teach you to mess with my new little buddy, Yoshi.

Luigi: You didn't swallow that key, did you, Yoshi?
Yoshi: No. Key no taste good.

Super Smash Bros. (1999) (VG)
Yoshi: Yoshi!

"The New Super Mario World: Ghosts 'R' Us (#1.4)" (1991)
[last lines]
Mario: You sure did the job on that haunted house little buddy, I thought you was scared for ghosts?
Yoshi: Oh. Yoshi scared but Yoshi get by ghosts. No problemo, plumber dudes.
[Yoshi whistles which everyone laughs]

"The New Super Mario World: Born to Ride (#1.7)" (1991)
[last lines]
Mario: [Yoshi comes eating a bamboo shoot] Yoshi... Not again.
Yoshi: [Yoshi laughs] Yoshi joking, try faucet now.

"The New Super Mario World: Party Line (#1.8)" (1991)
[last lines]
Mario: [Yoshi is chewing on the vines] These vines are going down permanently. The next time we have an emergency around here, we're going to rely on good old lung power to see us through. Keep eating, Yos.
Yoshi: Aw. Yoshi having vine time, Mario.
[Mario groans]

Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001) (VG)
Yoshi: Yoshi!