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Jessie (Character)
from "Pokémon" (1997)

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"Pokémon: A Crowning Achievement (#5.51)" (2003)
James: So the twerps have a little lunch by the lake, huh?
Meowth: Yeah, and while they're lunchin' lunch, we'll pinch Pikachu, right Jess?
[Jessie, however, is eating a sandwich]
James: Hey, who said it was lunch time?
Meowth: Yeah, where's ours?
Jessie: [with a full mouth] It's all gone.

Jessie: Well, did you guys hear that?
James: I heard king, and king means jewels.
Meowth: And jewels mean dough. Lots of dough!

"Pokémon: Uncrushing Defeat! (#12.28)" (2009)
James: Even my gloves hurt.
Jessie: Whoever said that the twerp was bummed from losing his battle and would be an easy mark is an absolute buffoon. Lemme at that idiot.
Meowth: YOU'RE dat idiot.
Jessie: What?'!
James: Something about going after "the weakest of the twerp herd."
Meowth: Yeah, and also somethin' profound about pluckin' Pikachu while de iron is hot.
James, Meowth: [eerily] That would be our loser, Jessie.
Jessie: [gulps, then angrily starts shouting and pointing at the others] Don't you make this MY fault! You bunch of babies are in denial! And since you didn't stop me, it's YOUR fault!
[Once hearing the statement, James, Meowth, Seviper, Carnivine and Yanmega start protesting in a high-pitched voice]
Jessie: [growls] I can't hear you!
[Team Rocket stops arguing and look behind them, only to notice Ash and his Pokémon smirking confidently. In addition, all seven are partially shrouded with a glowing light]
Gliscor: Gliscor!
Monferno: Bui!
Grotle: Monferno!
Staraptor: Grotle!
Staraptor: Staraptor!
Pikachu: Pika!
Ash Ketchum: Hmm...

[When Seviper used Haze to block the gang's visibility]
Jessie: Smoke gets in your eyes!
Meowth: We'll say our goodbyes!

Pokémon Heroes (2002)
Meowth: I said I had nothin' to do with it!
James: MAMA!
Jessie: It was their idea!

Meowth: There they go. All we gotta do is follow them on top of them rooftops.
James: Well, I used to be quite a good gymnast!
Jessie: This is our big chance, I could almost TASTE it! Are you ready ?
James: YEAH!

Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (2005)
[after Lucario saves the tree]
James: Looks like everything's back to normal.
Jessie: Which means we're back to being losers.

James: Meowth? Never to be seen again?
Jessie: We're the ones who are supposed to be doing all of the stealing.
James: Did you miss the "never to be seen" part?

"Pokémon: Fighting Fear with Fear! (#11.33)" (2008)
Meowth: Hey, Gligar's been gliscored.
Jessie: Good. The spitting image of our Gliscor Bot.
James: That means OUR Gliscor will have someone to look up to.
Ash Ketchum: Gliscor's MINE, right, Gliscor?
Gliscor: [determined] Gliscor!

[Just as soon as Gligar thanked Ash for finally allowing it to evolve, they find themselves ambushed by Team Rocket]
James: All right, jail breakers, we'll take it from here.
Jessie: It's back in the twerp box for you.
Ash Ketchum: Can't you guys GIVE it a rest?'!
Meowth: [laughs] What? And miss out on playin' wit' toys and messin' wit' YOU?'!
Wobbuffet: [hopping] Wobbuffet!
James: One Gligar, please.
Meowth: [presses a button] Ta go!
[the Gliscor Bot's tail is aiming for Gligar, much to its surprise]
Ash Ketchum: LOOK OUT!
[grabs Gligar before both are suspended by the tail from behind]
Ash Ketchum: AAAAHHH! Quick, Gligar, you've gotta get moving.
[throws Gligar in the canyon]
Gligar: Gli! GLIGAR!'!'!'!'!'!'!'!
[Jessie and Meowth gasp in horror; James glares at Ash]
Jessie: The twerp flipped.
James: [pointing at Ash] Bad twerp!
Ash Ketchum: [struggling] No, you don't.
[Unfortunately, at the same time Ash escapes the machine's grasp, he also falls into the canyon]
Ash Ketchum: Aaaaaaahh!

Pokémon: Jirachi - Wish Maker (2003)
Ash Ketchum: But Diane, we're not really magicians.
Jessie: Yeah, yeah, sure and, we're not really clowns.

James: This is the best job ever!
Jessie: We just have to throw around paper.
Meowth: And clean manure, whatever that means...
Jessie: How bad could it be? HUH?

"Pokémon: Pokémon Fashion Flash (#1.28)" (1997)
Jessie: To protect the world from boring fashion,
James: To dress all people with flash and passion,
Jessie: To give all pokemon pretty faces,
James: To extend our art to outer-spaces,
Jessie: Jessie!
James: James!
Jessie: Salon Rocket, when it comes to chic we know what's right,
James: Surrender your taste or prepare to fight!

"Pokémon: Holiday at Aopulco (#1.18)" (1997)
[after pushing Kasumi off stage]
Musashi: Sorry, but we're going to win!
Kasumi: Kojiro, aren't you a boy?
Kojiro: Boy, girl, doesn't matter as long as I'm beautiful.
Musashi: Don't waste our time and bug off.
[Motioning Kasumi to leave]
Kojiro: I can even make my chest bigger.
[Kojiro inflates his breasts to become bigger. Kasumi's eyes bulge out]
Kojiro: Finished!
Takeshi: Suddenly, two mistresses appeared. They don't think their sudden appearance is rude. How will the judges react?
[the audience cheers]
Takeshi: Everything is okay. They are welcome.
[Kasumi starts crying]
Musashi: How's that?
[Kojiro is holding his breast balloons]
Kojiro: Wait until your older, so you will have these. Then come and compete.

"Pokémon: Mastering Current Events (#12.49)" (2010)
[Team Rocket are traveling in the night while suddenly tinfoil hits them]
Meowth: What's with the sparkles?
James: That's flying tinfoil.
Jessie: For what?
Meowth: [points off-screen] That!
Gliscor: Gliscor!
[lands inside Team Rocket's balloon basket]
Meowth: [to Jessie and James] This Gliscor's from the twerps.
[to Gliscor]
Meowth: What are you doing on a night like this?
Gliscor: [calmly] Gliscor, Gli. Gli, Gliscor, Gli.
Jessie: Translation, please.
Meowth: Gliscor's trying to read the wind so it can battle Scizor for the win.
James: I see... not.

Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea (2006)
Meowth: Hey guys, the old treasure meter's going off the charts!
James: It won't be long now. We'll clean up in more ways than one.
Jessie: That old, crusty crab thinks he's so smart, when we're the ones poised to pocket those diamonds and pearls.
Meowth: Hey, that sounds like a good name for a game!
Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!
[Jessie, James, and Meowth jump to silence Wobbuffet, then snicker]

"Pokémon: Tears for Fears! (#11.1)" (2008)
Jessie: [laughing] I never was any good at economics.
[Seviper pops out of its pokeball]
Jessie: You too?
Meowth: Uh-oh!
James: Deja vu?
Meowth: Sometimes instincts stink!
[the Zangoose run up the tree and pop Team Rocket's balloon. Leaving it to deflate and fall]
Jessie: [With the whole of Team Rocket trying to hold Seviper back] CAN'T YOU GET OVER IT?
[Getting inside the anti-escape capsules that Ash, Dawn, and Brock's pokemon are in]
James: Hi there.
Meowth: Don't forget I'm a pokemon too.

"Pokémon: Type Casting (#4.5)" (2001)
[Flying in their hot air balloon, Team Rocket cooks potatoes with the balloon's fire]
Jessie: James, what's taking so long? Aren't those potatoes ready yet?
James: Not yet, Jess.
Jessie: Can't you hurry up a little?.
Meowth: Hey, maybe they'll cook faster if we turn the fire higher.
James: Great idea.
[Meowth turns the fire up which burns the balloon and they come crashing down]
Jessie: That was a great idea!
Meowth: Are the spuds done?
James: Well done.

"Pokémon: Riding the Winds of Change! (#11.12)" (2008)
[after Turtwig's Energy Ball successfully destroyed Team Rocket's balloon]
Jessie: [to Meowth] I wanted to net Gligar, not YOU!
Meowth: I guess it's back ta scrounging for our own sandwiches.
James: And consistently empty stomachs translate into just one thing...
Jessie, Meowth, James: We're blasting off again!
Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!
[as usual, a star appears in the sky]

"Pokémon: Showdown! Pokemon Center (#1.2)" (1997)
Musashi: [Japanese translation] If you ask us something or other...
Kojiro: The answer we give will be the compassion of the world!
Musashi: To prevent the destruction of the world!
Kojiro: To protect the peace of the world!
Musashi: To carry out the evils of truth and love!
Kojiro: The lovely, charming villains!
Musashi: Musashi!
Kojiro: Kojiro!
Musashi: The pair from Team Rocket soars through the galaxy!
Kojiro: A white hole, a white tomorrow awaits us!
Nyarth: Something like that!

"Pokémon: A Way Off Day Off (#2.18)" (2000)
Jessie: [all sliding on rope towards tree] Prepare for trouble!
James of Team Rocket: Make it double!
Jessie: To protect the world from devastation!
James of Team Rocket: To unite all peoples within our nation!
Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!
James of Team Rocket: To extend our reach to the stars above!
Jessie: Jes-
[hits tree]
James of Team Rocket: Ja-
[hits tree]
Jessie: [dazed] Team Locket rast off at the lead of spite... tonight...
James of Team Rocket: [dazed] Surrender now or prepare... to surrender now... surrender now...
Meowth: Meowth! Say the motto right!
[Meowth scratches both of them, and Jessie and James regain their composure]
Meowth: We didn't mean to wake em all, but now we're gonna take em all!
James of Team Rocket: Well said, Meowth.
Jessie: Well said, Meowth.

Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back (1998)
Nyarth: I'm hungry.
Musashi: [holds up a pan] I have a frying pan.
Nyarth: Without meat or vegetables, that's just a plate of iron.

"Pokémon: Shell Shock (#2.9)" (2000)
Jessie: [in their sub] Hmmm, I wonder what a TV crew could be doing with those twerps on that island?
James of Team Rocket: Just because you're wondering doesn't mean you should stop pedaling!