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Quotes for
May (Character)
from "Pokémon" (1998)

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Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (2005)
Brock: [handing out food] Next comes Kidd... What?
[Notices the Bonsly eating food off the tray]
Brock: What kinda Pokemon are you? Back off! I made that especially for Kidd!
[Bonsly fakes crying by using Fake Tears]
Ash: Hey!
[to Brock while scowling]
Ash: That wasn't nice!
May: You didn't have to shout!

Lucario: You humans are all alike! You can't be trusted!
Ash: Are you saying you don't trust me?
Lucario: You'd leave Pikachu without hesitating if you had to!
Ash: There's no way I'd ever run out on Pikachu!
Lucario: Humph... your word means nothing.
[turns to go]
Ash: [growls] How do we know Sir Aaron deserted the queen like you say? How about you tell us the real story, Lucario? You deserted Sir Aaron and the Queen didn't you?
Lucario: [turns around angrily] WHAT DID YOU SAY?
May: [crosses her arms at Ash] Ash, you're not helping!
Ash: [to May, says calmly] I didn't start it.
Lucario: What makes you think that Pikachu didn't run off and desert you cause it didn't want you for a master?
[Starts walking off]
Ash: [growls] Take it back!
[He throws himself at Lucario, the two wrestle in the river until Lucario leaps out and walks off]
May: [later that night as Ash is drying himself off] That was so uncalled for!
Ash: So what? It shouldn't have said Pikachu left me.
May: Well, you know, you said some pretty terrible things to Lucario too.
Ash: [He looks down] ... yeah.

Pokémon: Jirachi - Wish Maker (2003)
May: Wow! I'll take it!
Hippie: A wise choice. But you only get one wish, so make it count.

May: Only two more nights left.
Max: Cut it out, May!
May: Huh?
Max: Mmph, quit counting already!
May: Sorry.