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Quotes for
Toad (Character)
from Super Mario Bros. (1993)

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Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Toad: Say, what's another word that rhymes with dimension?
Mario: Yeah, tension, and I'm full of it so shut up.

Toad: You boys ain't from around here, are you?
Mario Mario, Luigi Mario: Brooklyn.

Toad: Koopa, you're a lousy leader!

Super Mario Sunshine (2002) (VG)
Red Toad: [examining the paint] What's this icky, paint-like goop?
Yellow Toad: It's moving!
Toadsworth: Now now, boys! Don't touch that stuff!

Princess Peach: [Mario has just defeated a Piranha Plant in a goop generator] Nice work, Mario!
Toadsworth: [looking at FLUDD] Mm, quite an unusual device... Is it some sort of pump?
F.L.U.D.D.: I am FLUDD. Glad to meet you.
Toad: [seeing two policemen approach] Hey, someone's coming!

Super Mario 64 DS (2004) (VG)
Toad: Wario, I found this cap in front of the castle a little while ago. I knew it was yours because of its distinctive... erm... aroma. Actually, it reeked pret-ty bad. I can't believe I touched it. You really should wash that thing more often. Anyways, here you go.

"The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!: Fake Bro/Mario and Joliet (#1.28)" (1989)
Toad: A net!
Luigi: Annette Funicello? Where?

"The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: Up, Up, and a Koopa (#1.21)" (1990)
[first lines]
Princess Toadstool: Toad, I thought you was gonna fix me up a bowl of healthy bran?
Toad: Ran out, but I got some wholesome hay.

"The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: Tag Team Trouble (#1.10)" (1990)
[first line]
Toad: Next time the princess needs someone to deliver a million gold coins to the Mushroom Orphanage,
Toad: I'm on vacation!

"The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!: Mama Mia Mario/The Great BMX Race (#1.11)" (1989)
[Mario and Luigi save themselves from plummeting off a cliff]
Princess Peach Toadstool: [relieved] They're safe!
King Bowser Koopa: What?
Toad: She said...
Toad: [impersonating the Princess] They're safe!

Mario Kart 64 (1996) (VG)
Toad: I'm the best!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009) (VG)
Princess Peach: [during the credits, voice over] Dear Mario: I'll be waiting for you at the castle on the night of the star festi...
Bowser: Rargh!
Princess Peach: Oh!
Bowser: Huh?
Princess Peach: What? No.
Bowser: Grrr...
Princess Peach, Toads: Oh ho! Yeah!

Luigi's Mansion (2001) (VG)
Toad: [calling Luigi via a telephone] Hello?... Who's there?
Luigi: It's me. Bowser!
Toad: Eeeeeeeeeeek!

"The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: Super Koopa (#1.26)" (1990)
[last lines]
Mario "Jumpamn" Mario: I don't think Paris will see them ever again.
Toad: You're right, that King Koopa may have thought he was super but when you're talking Super Mario Brothers there's just no substitute for the real thing.
[Mario pats on Toad's head]
Mario "Jumpamn" Mario: Yeah, but we couldn't do it without our Toad.