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Snively (Character)
from "Sonic the Hedgehog" (1993)

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"Sonic the Hedgehog: The Doomsday Project (#2.13)" (1994)
Dr. Robotnik: [grabbing Snively by his neck] Are you implying that the Hedgehog is a match for me, Snively?
Snively Robotnik: [gulping] Perish the thought, sir.

Snively Robotnik: Sir, Sir! They're inside the machine! Shall I alert the the forces?
Dr. Robotnik: Oh no, no, no Snively. Let them explore. Perhaps they'll find my little surprise.
Snively Robotnik: [under his breath] Your stupidity will ruin everything, you ugly boil.
Dr. Robotnik: WHAT was that Snively?
Snively Robotnik: I said the Doomsday Machine is going to need some more oil, sir.

"Sonic the Hedgehog: Super Sonic (#1.5)" (1993)
Snively Robotnik: [Snively is reading from a computer monitor] The evil wizard Lazaar has rested for centuries inside the Forbidden Zone. Although many have tried to recover his computer of magic spells, none have succeeded.
Dr. Robotnik: Hmm, go on.
Snively Robotnik: [while trying to shoo Cluck out of his way] According to legend, he awaits someone vile enough to awaken him.
Dr. Robotnik: Vile?
Snively Robotnik: That would be you, sir.

Snively Robotnik: I've found him, Dr. Robotnik.
Dr. Robotnik: Then where is he?
Snively Robotnik: Well, he was right...
Lazaar's Guardian: [interrupts Snively] Why have you summoned me?
Dr. Robotnik: A little buisness proposition, dear Guardian. One you might find rewarding.
Lazaar's Guardian: I have no use for riches.
Dr. Robotnik: Well another kind of deal, then. I uh, I want the location of Lazaar's lair. Name your price.
Lazaar's Guardian: You intend harm to my master?
Dr. Robotnik: Oh you wound me, dear Guardian. I merely want to wake the grand wizard, and honor his evilness. We have much in common.
Lazaar's Guardian: Yes, I can see that.
Lazaar's Guardian: [turns and projects a holographic image of Lazaar's lair onto a wall] You must enter the Forbidden Zone. Go alone, for only your metallic heart is evil enough to withstand the dangers. You have been warned.

"Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Racer (#1.6)" (1993)
Snively Robotnik: It's ready, sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Start the test, Snively.
Snively Robotnik: [Snively presses a button on a remote control] Go!
[the racing robot runs past in a blur of speed]
Snively Robotnik: [reading a speedometer readout] 500 miles per hour, sir.
Dr. Robotnik: Oh that's good, very good indeed, considering it was only going *half* speed.
Dr. Robotnik: Surprise, surprise, hedgehog...