Helen Preger
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Helen Preger (Character)
from "State of Play" (2003)

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"State of Play: Episode #1.2" (2003)
Cal McCaffrey: Why is the party pushing for Stephen Collins to do another press conference?
Helen Preger: This is a good start. I haven't heard about that.
Pete Cheng: Me neither.
Cal McCaffrey: Apparently the Mail's got information he was about to leave his wife.
Cameron Foster: He's only an MP. Why are they throwing a press conference behind that ?
Helen Preger: He's chairman of the Energy Select. Which is independent of the government but just the fact he got the job means he's one to watch. Everybody I've talked to tips Stephen Collins for the Cabinet within the next few years.
Della Smith: That must be true because the spin doctors have talked Anne Collins into appearing at the press conference alongside him. She's on the 9:30 train from Manchester. They'll announcement it at twelve. She's due at the podium at 3 to get them time to brief her on what to say when, apparently.
Cameron Foster: Is this true ? Is he confirming or denying a long-term affair now ?
Cal McCaffrey: How would you like me to phrase that, exactly ? "Had your girlfriend not gone under a train, would you have left your wife for her?"
Cameron Foster: It's a fair question, translated into "adult."

Reporter: What was your reaction to Sonia Baker's death, Mrs. Collins ?
Anne Collins: Everybody wants everybody in politics to be pristine, but they still expect them to be in touch with real life. This was a bit of real life that just... happened. We grew apart. Our marriage suffered from the strains of work - mine and Stephen's. Mistakes are easy in those circumstances. In this case, there were mistakes on both sides. I'm profoundly sorry that Sonia Baker died and my heart goes out to her parents and to her family. And I'm sure that conversations with her, in time, could have been constructive.
Helen Preger: Mrs. Collins, what does "errors on both sides" mean ?
Anne Collins: Errors are what tills make. I said "mistakes."
Helen Preger: Can you clarify ?
Anne Collins: Work it out.

"State of Play: Episode #1.3" (2003)
Dan Foster: What's Sonia Baker's date of birth ?
Helen Preger: 25th March, '75.
Dan Foster: When was the exact date she started working for Stephen Collins ?
Helen Preger: 30th April.
Dan Foster: EXACT date ?
Helen Preger: 30th April... I'm sad. I remember dates.