Alia Atreides
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Alia Atreides (Character)
from Dune (1984)

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Dune (1984)
[last lines]
Alia: And how can this be? For he is the Kwisatz Haderach!

Alia: I am a messenger from Muad'Dib. Poor Emperor. I'm afraid my brother won't be very pleased with you.
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: Silence!
Reverend Mother Mohiam: Kill this child. She's an abomination. Kill her!
Reverend Mother Mohiam: [groans then yells at Alia] Get out of my mind!
Alia: [using the voice] Not until you tell them both who I *really* am!
Reverend Mother Mohiam: [Weakly] Alia, daughter of Duke Leto the Just and the royal lady Jessica. Sister... of Paul... Muad'Dib.
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: Paul's sister? Paul is Muad'Dib?

Lady Jessica: [Stumbling around a corner, blood dripping from her nose] Alia...
Alia: [she falls into her mother's arms, also covered in blood] Mother, it's Paul. He has taken the Water of Life.
Lady Jessica: Paul's voice?
Alia: The Guild... they're fighting me in the mental vaults. They're behind everything. They fear the one who will come, who will know more, who will see more. The Guild is behind everything. It's not finished yet. I'm not formed.

Reverend Mother Mohiam: Get out of my mind!
Alia: [using the Voice] Not until you tell them who I really am!