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Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV (Character)
from Dune (1984)

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Dune (1984)
Guildmaster: We foresee a slight problem within House Atreides. Paul, Paul Atreides.
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: You mean of course Duke Leto, his father?
Guildmaster: I mean Paul Atreides. We want him killed. I did not say this. I am not here.
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: I understand.

Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: Bring in that floating fat man, the Baron!

Alia: I am a messenger from Muad'Dib. Poor Emperor. I'm afraid my brother won't be very pleased with you.
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: Silence!
Reverend Mother Mohiam: Kill this child. She's an abomination. Kill her!
Reverend Mother Mohiam: [groans then yells at Alia] Get out of my mind!
Alia: [using the voice] Not until you tell them both who I *really* am!
Reverend Mother Mohiam: [Weakly] Alia, daughter of Duke Leto the Just and the royal lady Jessica. Sister... of Paul... Muad'Dib.
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: Paul's sister? Paul is Muad'Dib?

Paul: Emperor Shaddam IV, there are Guild Heighliners above us containing many Great Houses of the Laandsraad. Send them back.
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: How dare you speak to me in...
Guild Worker: Stop your speaking!
Paul: You have some idea of what I could do.
Paul: [the Reverend Mother Mohiam growls at him] Don't try your powers on me. Try looking into that place where you dare not look.You'll find me there, staring back at you.
Reverend Mother Mohiam: [DELETED LINE] Silence him, Jessica!
Lady Jessica: [DELETED LINE] Silence him yourself, if you can.
Paul: [DELETED LINE] For ninety generations you and your Bene Gesserit have labored in secret to produce a living, breathing super-weapon... one that would empower you to overthrow both the Guild and the Emperor. Indeed. This weapon, I am. And these goals, I have achieved. *But I will NEVER be YOURS to control.*
Reverend Mother Mohiam: [Using the Voice] *You mustn't speak... *
Paul: [Also using the Voice, which overpowers her] SILENCE!
[she is knocked backward against several Guild Workers]
Paul: I remember your gom jabbar, now you'll remember mine. I can kill with a word.

Paul: Irulan shall be my wife, opening the way for an Atreides to take the throne.
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: I sit on the throne!
Paul: You will sit on the throne on Selusa Secundus, your prison planet. Either that, or you will die.
[he walks towards Chani]
Paul: The princess shall have no more of me than my name... no child of mine, nor touch, nor softness of glance, nor instant of desire.
[he tenderly strokes her cheek]
Paul: This is promise to you, my love.
Lady Jessica: Think on it, Chani. We who carry the name of concubine... history will call us wives.

Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: Bring in the floating fat man.

Princess Irulan: Father?
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: Irulan, you must leave.

Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: This is genocide! The systematic extermination of all life on Arrakis!
Paul: [dreams of Dune breaking up] The Emperor is coming!

Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: I want telepathy during our meeting.
Reverend Mother Mohiam: I am your Truthsayer, my Lord. He's here, my Lord!

Guildmaster: We just folded space from Ix...
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: Oh yes? How was your journey?
Guildmaster: Many machines on Ix, new machines.
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: Oh, really?
Guildmaster: Not as good as those on Richese...

Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: Give this abomination to the storm!

Guildmaster: The Bene Gesserit Witch must leave.
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: Leave us.
Reverend Mother Mohiam: Yes, my Lord.