Paul Atreides
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Paul Atreides (Character)
from Dune (1984)

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Dune (1984)
Paul: Stilgar, do we have wormsign?
Stilgar: Usul, we have wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen.

Paul: We Fremen have a saying: "God created Arakis to train the faithful." One cannot go against the word of God.

Paul: You have no need for your weapons with me, Gurney Halleck.

Paul: Father... father, the sleeper has awakened!

Paul: I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when my fear is gone I will turn and face fear's path, and only I will remain.

Gurney Halleck: Shield Practice.
Paul: Gurney, we had practice this morning. I'm not in the mood.
Gurney Halleck: Not in the mood? Mood's a thing for cattle and loveplay, not fighting!
Paul: I'm sorry Gurney.
Gurney Halleck: Not sorry enough.

Paul: What do you call the mouse shadow on the second moon?
Stilgar: We call that one Muad'Dib.
Paul: Could I be known as Paul Muad'Dib?
Stilgar: You are Paul Muad'Dib!

Paul: They tried and failed?
Reverend Mother Mohiam: They tried and died.

Paul: My name is a killing word.

Paul: Some thoughts have a certain sound, that being the equivalent to a form. Through sound and motion, you will be able to paralyze nerves, shatter bones, set fires, suffocate an enemy or burst his organs. We will kill until no Harkonnen breathes Arakeen air.

Paul: Long live the fighters!

Paul: I'm dead to everyone unless I become what I may be.

Paul: He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing.

Paul: What's in the box?
Reverend Mother Mohiam: Pain.

Paul: [sees Thufir] My God.
[inner voice]
Paul: They've taken your mind.
[out loud]
Paul: Gurney, I see Thufir Hawat among the captives. Let him stand free.
Feyd-Rautha: [turns towards Thufir] The antidote.
[he slips a knife inside Thufir's sleeve]
Gurney Halleck: Thufir, come.
Paul: In payment of the many years of service to my family, you may ask me of anything you wish. Do you need my life, old friend? It is yours.
[turns around]
Paul: I mean this Thufir, if you are to strike, do it now.
Thufir Hawat: [raises knife, to everyone's shock, but drops it and turns back to Feyd] Did you truly believe, even for a moment, that I would fail my Duke TWICE?
[He rips out his own heart plug, then collapses into Paul's arms]
Thufir Hawat: Three generations of... you...
[he dies]
Paul: Carry this noble Atreides warrior away. Do him all honor.

Paul: Is it true, that the sand can blow at seven hundred kilometers per hour?
Dr. Wellington Yueh: It can render flesh to dust in minutes. And these dry winds can generate tremendous static electricity in the atmosphere. Our body shields won't have enough power to operate in the open air on Arrakis.

Paul: Now remember, walk without rhythm, and we won't attract the worm.

Paul: Emperor Shaddam IV, there are Guild Heighliners above us containing many Great Houses of the Laandsraad. Send them back.
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: How dare you speak to me in...
Guild Worker: Stop your speaking!
Paul: You have some idea of what I could do.
Paul: [the Reverend Mother Mohiam growls at him] Don't try your powers on me. Try looking into that place where you dare not look.You'll find me there, staring back at you.
Reverend Mother Mohiam: [DELETED LINE] Silence him, Jessica!
Lady Jessica: [DELETED LINE] Silence him yourself, if you can.
Paul: [DELETED LINE] For ninety generations you and your Bene Gesserit have labored in secret to produce a living, breathing super-weapon... one that would empower you to overthrow both the Guild and the Emperor. Indeed. This weapon, I am. And these goals, I have achieved. *But I will NEVER be YOURS to control.*
Reverend Mother Mohiam: [Using the Voice] *You mustn't speak... *
Paul: [Also using the Voice, which overpowers her] SILENCE!
[she is knocked backward against several Guild Workers]
Paul: I remember your gom jabbar, now you'll remember mine. I can kill with a word.

Paul: Irulan shall be my wife, opening the way for an Atreides to take the throne.
Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: I sit on the throne!
Paul: You will sit on the throne on Selusa Secundus, your prison planet. Either that, or you will die.
[he walks towards Chani]
Paul: The princess shall have no more of me than my name... no child of mine, nor touch, nor softness of glance, nor instant of desire.
[he tenderly strokes her cheek]
Paul: This is promise to you, my love.
Lady Jessica: Think on it, Chani. We who carry the name of concubine... history will call us wives.

Paul: Father! The sleeper has awakened!

Thufir Hawat: Remember, the first step in avoiding a trap is knowing that one has been set.
Paul: If we know it's a trap, then why are we going?
Thufir Hawat: We have our new Army. Dr. Yueh, put the weirding module on him.
[Thufir holds Paul's shoulders admiringly, then playfully mimes stabbing him in the side of the neck]

Duncan Idaho: May the Hand of God be with you.
Paul: May the Hand of God be with us all, Duncan.

Paul: The Worm is the Spice! The Spice is the Worm!

Paul: Don't you believe your own eyes?
Gurney Halleck: They said you were dead! They said...
Paul: [shows him the signet ring]
Gurney Halleck: [hugs him] You young puppy! You young puppy!
Paul: Gurney, man! Gurney, man!

Paul: My name has become a killing word.

Paul: I know, Thufir, I'm sitting with my back to the door. I heard you, Dr. Yueh and Gurney coming down the hall.
Thufir Hawat: Those sounds could be imitated!
Paul: [Looks around and sees he was right] I'd know the difference.
Thufir Hawat: [voice over] Yes, perhaps he would at that.

Paul: [voice over] From my dream, so beautiful.
Chani: I would not have allowed you to hurt my people.

Paul: Are you a Fremen?
Dr. Kynes: I've been here working in the service of the Emperor long enough for my eyes to change.

Shadout Mapes: [Paul has caught the hunter-seeker and smashed it] It would have killed me!
Paul: I was its target.

Paul: Emperor, we come for you!

Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV: This is genocide! The systematic extermination of all life on Arrakis!
Paul: [dreams of Dune breaking up] The Emperor is coming!

Reverend Mother Mohiam: Ignore the regular order of training. His safety requires the Voice.
Paul: I've heard enough about my safety! What about my father? You talk about him as if he were dead, well he's not!
Lady Jessica: Paul...
Paul: Well he's not! And he won't die. Tell me he won't die. Mother, tell me!
Reverend Mother Mohiam: Everything that can be done has been done.

Lady Jessica: [in the ornithopter] He's dead! Leto, he's dead!
Paul: I know.

Paul: Would you really have drawn my blood?
Gurney Halleck: If you'd fought one whit below your abilities, I'd have given you a good scar to remind you.

Paul: Can you smell it?

Reverend Mother Mohiam: I hold at your neck the Gom Jabarr. This one kills only animals.
Paul: You dare suggest a Duke's son is an animal?
Reverend Mother Mohiam: Let us say, I think you may be human. A human can control his instincts. Your instinct will be to draw your hand out of the box. You do, you die.

Paul: I'm sorry, Gurney.
Gurney Halleck: Not sorry enough!