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Quellek (Character)
from Galaxy Quest (1999)

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Galaxy Quest (1999)
[Quellek has been shot, and is dying. Alexander rushes to him]
Sir Alexander Dane: Quellek?
[sees Quellek's wound]
Sir Alexander Dane: That's not too bad. We'll get you to the medical quarters, and you'll be fine.
Quellek: It has been my greatest pleasure to serve with you. I have been blessed, Sir. I... I... I...
Sir Alexander Dane: Don't speak, Quellek.
Quellek: You'll forgive my impertinence, Sir, but even though we have never before met, I have always considered you as a father to me.
Sir Alexander Dane: Quellek... by Grabthar's hammer... by the Suns of Worvan... you shall be... avenged.

Quellek: I avoided capture by using your Mak'tar stealth haze.

Jason Nesmith: Hi! What's up with her, doesn't she talk?
Quellek: Her translator is broken.
Laliari: Yalalalala!
Jason Nesmith: Okey dokey.

Quellek: By Grabthar's hammer, Dr. Lazarus...
Sir Alexander Dane: [Interrupts] Don't do that! I'm not kidding.

Quellek: [to Dane] You're alive! Thank Ipthar!