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Quotes for
Dirk Calloway (Character)
from Rushmore (1998)

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Rushmore (1998)
Dirk Calloway: I know about you and the teacher.

Dirk Calloway: Oh yeah and with friends like you who needs friends?

Dirk Calloway: There's action across the street.
Dirk Calloway: It's Snowman! Take him!

Dirk Calloway: [to Max] I just wanted to say, I'm sorry I threw rocks at you that day.

[in a letter to Max]
Dirk Calloway: Dear Max, I am sorry to say that I have secretly found out that Mr. Blume is having an affair with Miss Cross. My first suspicions came when I saw them Frenching in front of our house. And then I knew for sure when they went skinny dipping in Mr. Blume's swimming pool, giving each other handjobs while you were taking a nap on the front porch.