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Quotes for
Castillo (Character)
from Miami Vice (2006)

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"Miami Vice: Bushido (#2.8)" (1985)
Lieutenant Martin Castillo: On this man's level, death is a profession.

Lieutenant Martin Castillo: What's your name, son?
Marty Gretsky: Marty.

"Miami Vice: Shadow in the Dark (#3.6)" (1986)
Lieutenant Martin Castillo: [about Crockett's obsessive behavior] I don't want him on the case. I don't want him on the streets; he's too unpredictable.
Detective Ricardo Tubbs: Lt. let me talk to him.

Lieutenant Martin Castillo: I'm putting you on desk duty for the next couple of days.
Detective James Crockett: I'm just tired, Lieutenant, I'll be fine.
Lieutenant Martin Castillo: I know.

"Miami Vice: Vote of Confidence (#4.13)" (1988)
Lieutenant Martin Castillo: Pierce's people just called, he says owes you two guys a talk, he'll be more than happy to comply.
Detective Ricardo Tubbs: After three weeks? Huh.
Det. James 'Sonny' Crockett: What is this? Unfinished Business Day?
Detective Gina Calabrese: Sounds like they're trying to cover any toe-holes in the character issue.
Detective Stan Switek: Don't'cha mean, ah, 'Bless me detective, for I have sinned, and I nedd a clean press release'?
Detective Ricardo Tubbs: You got it.

"Miami Vice: Over the Line (#5.15)" (1989)
Lt. Martin Castillo: We have a problem.
Capt. Richard Highsmith: Well, that's for damn sure.

"Miami Vice: Borrasca (#5.5)" (1988)
Lt. Martin Castillo: I've always tried to do what's right. That's the code I live by. Do you understand that?

"Miami Vice: Down for the Count: Part 2 (#3.13)" (1987)
Lieutenant Martin Castillo: [In the conference room] Zito's death goes down as an overdose.
Det. James 'Sonny' Crockett: [Everyone is shocked. Crockett throws a coffee mug against the wall in anger] Marty, you know damn well that Zito was no junkie! They're ruining a good cops reputation!

"Miami Vice: The Dutch Oven (#2.4)" (1985)
Detective Trudy Joplin: So this is what I get for opening up to Crockett.
Lieutenant Martin Castillo: Crockett's been on your side of this from the beginning. But he's concerned about you, so is everybody else involved.

"Miami Vice: Free Verse (#2.20)" (1986)
Hector Sandoval: [Sandoval has just met Gina and Trudy] Are all American cops so good looking?
Lieutenant Martin Castillo: [Walks up and shows his badge] Lieutenant Martin Castillo.
Hector Sandoval: That answers my question.

"Miami Vice: God's Work (#4.6)" (1987)
Felipe Cruz: He stood his ground whether or not it was popular.
Lt. Martin Castillo: I know. We stood shoulder to shoulder once... in a different time for a different cause. He was my friend.

"Miami Vice: Give a Little, Take a Little (#1.10)" (1984)
Detective James Crockett: Alvarado walks.
Lieutenant Martin Castillo: Walked.
Detective James Crockett: Wonderful. That's just wonderful. We've got a pusher, a suspected mob hit man and God knows what else and he does less time in this case than I did!