Trudy Joplin
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Trudy Joplin (Character)
from "Miami Vice" (1984)

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"Miami Vice: The Dutch Oven (#2.4)" (1985)
Detective Trudy Joplin: I'M A COP! It's not what I do, it's what I AM!

Detective James Crockett: If you had stopped to think last night, it would be either you or me dead.
Detective Trudy Joplin: And there's nothing you would've done differently?
Detective James Crockett: Nope.

David Jones: You used me? I never knew you, did I?
Detective Trudy Joplin: What do you think? That I've got a switch inside me I can just turn on and off what I am?

Detective Trudy Joplin: So this is what I get for opening up to Crockett.
Lieutenant Martin Castillo: Crockett's been on your side of this from the beginning. But he's concerned about you, so is everybody else involved.

Detective Trudy Joplin: [to Sonny and the IA Detective] Can we please cut the school yard bullshit and get on with it?

Miami Vice (2006)
Nicholas: Why is this happening to me?
Trudy Joplin: Because you lead a life of crime.
Det. Gina Calabrese: Can't do the time, don't mess with crime.