Sonny Crockett
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Biography for
Sonny Crockett (Character)
from "Miami Vice" (1984)

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Detective James "Sonny" Crockett was first introduced in the pilot episode of the hit 80's cop drama "Miami Vice," performed by well-known T.V. actor Don Johnson.

According to the show's history of Sonny, he was star football quarterback for the University of Florida before moving on to serving in Vietnam. While serving in Vietnam, he was good friends with Robbie Cann, whose son would become Sonny's godson. ["Buddies"] Sonny later married Caroline Crockett and had a son, Billy (6 years old in the episode premier). Sonny then went on to work for the Miami-Dade police department,where he hooked up with N.Y.P.D Vice Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs, both of whom were in pursuit of a criminal on both Miami P.D. andN.Y.P.D's radar: Calderone, a widely feared drug lord who killed Rico's brother and Sonny's partner.

Eventually the temporary partnership turned permanent for both who there on in went in heavier and deeper undercover during each season, being given funds to fuel a lavish lifestyle of drug runners, including sports cars and designer clothing. Yet Crockett's mingling in the Miami underworld weighed heavily on his home life and eventually caused seperation and finally divorce from his wife Caroline. At the start of the season, the couple is clearly estranged, with Crockett living on his undercover boat location at the marina, and Caroline complaining about Sonny's hours and drinking. They later try to reconcile, but when killers wait for the Crocketts to come home from a safe house, Caroline and Sonny realize their marriage is over.

Over the course of five seasons, Crockett suffered many nervous and emotional breakdowns from his intense dedication to the department as well as having lost several friends and a new wife to the job. He was more the "unstable" one in the Vice squad, but nevertheless the most efficient and professional. In the end of season four and beginning of five he even loses his memory and believes he is a real drug smuggler.

During the final episode of season five, Crockett and his partner are stuck with a moral dilema between them and convict they had been pursuing, and in order to properly dish out the justice they need to get the job done, they turn in their badges and move out of Miami.

According to the film version of Crockett, what is Crockett (portrayed by Colin Farell) has fallen so deep undercover (and in love with a drug queen by the name of Isabella,) that he constantly being questioned by superiors and even his partner Rico (played by Jamie Foxx). The case in the film revolves around solving the deaths of two F.B.I Agents who were killed on a drug deal, only they to find out it is the work of tow uper-echelon drug dealers from Columbia: Jose Yero, his superior, Archangel de Jesus Montoya and their Neo-Nazi muscle. It then becomes a race to set-up and take in both Yero and Montoya, but in the end only Yero is killed and Montoya is long gone out of Columbia. Still dealing with the sketchy relationship with convict Isabella, Crockett makes the decision to fast-boat her out of Miami and keep her off the case records and ultimately off the radar of any major government or state agency.

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