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Wilhelm (Character)
from Manderlay (2005)

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Manderlay (2005)
Grace Margaret Mulligan: There's nothing to be afraid of. We've taken all of the family's weapons.
Wilhelm: No. I'm afraid of what will happen now. I feel we ain't ready - for a completely new way of life. At Manderlay we slaves took supper at seven. When do people take supper when they're free? We don't know these things.

Grace Margaret Mulligan: Dammit Wilhelm, they're not free. That's what matters.
Wilhelm: I'd call that a philosophical argument.

Wilhelm: Just as you thought the notion of community would be good for us, you were so sure that you've permitted yourself to use force to convince us. I'd be sorry if we have to do likewise.
Grace Margaret Mulligan: What do you mean? Do you intend to keep me prisoner?
Wilhelm: Only until you understand what you wanted us to understand. The gate has been repaired and is closed. The fences are in good shape, but of course they aint particularly high. Those fences... come on. Two men with a rusty shot gun and a toy pistol. How dumb do you really think we are?

Wilhelm: I think you could enjoy being the guardian for a kind of menagerie of creatures who have no chance in the wild.