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Quotes for
Nick (Character)
from Chicken Run (2000)

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Chicken Run (2000)
Nick: [on the chickens' plane before take-off, pointing then crossing his arms to point] The exits are located here and here. In the quite likely event of an emergency, put your head between your knees...
Fetcher: and kiss your bum goodbye!

[last lines]
Nick: Here's a thought. Why don't we get an egg and start our own chicken farm? That way we'd have all the eggs we could eat.
Fetcher: Right. We'll need a chicken, then.
Nick: No... no, we'll need an egg. You have the egg first, that's where you get the chicken from.
Fetcher: No, that's cobblers. If you don't have a chicken, where are you going to get the egg?
Nick: From the chicken that comes from the egg.
Fetcher: Yeah, but you have to have an egg to have a chicken.
Nick: Yeah, but you've got to get the chicken first to get the egg, and then you get the egg... to get the chicken out of...
Fetcher: Hang on. Let's go over this again?

Nick: Poultry in motion.

[watching the chickens trying to fly]
Nick: What's this caper, love?
Babs: We're flying!
Nick: [wryly] Obviously... Flamin' 'ell! Hey, look at this, Fetch.
Fetcher: They're gonna kill themselves... wanna watch?
Nick: ...Yeah, all right.

Nick: What are you sobbin' about, you nancy?
Fetcher: Little moments like this, mate. It's what makes the job all worthwhile. Wanna dance?
Nick: ...Yeah, all right.

[telling Rocky about a caper]
Nick: We slipped into the farmer's room, all quiet like.
Fetcher: Like a fish.
Nick: Yeah, and we... "Like a fish"? You stupid norbert.

[encouraging after a failed day of "flying"]
Rocky: Ducky, I think you flew four feet today!
Nick: Right, four feet! From the roof to the ground.

Nick: Eggs from heaven.
Fetcher: No! From her bum.

Ginger: We can't give you our eggs. They're too valuable.
Nick: And so are we.
[Packing up to leave]
Nick: After you, Fetcher.
Fetcher: ...After I what?
Nick: Move!

[Bunty is about to be shot out of a slingshot]
Fetcher: The tension's killing me.
Nick: It's gonna kill her.

Ginger: We need some more things.
Nick: Right you are, miss.
[opens suitcase and pulls out thimbles]
Nick: How about this quality, handcrafted tea set?
Ginger: No, thanks.
Fetcher: [holding a drain plug on a chain] Or this lovely necklace and pendant?
Ginger: It's love...
Nick: [holding a shuttlecock] Or this little number that's all the rage in the most fashionable coops in Paree? Simply pop it on like so...
[pops it on Ginger's head, feathers side up]
Nick: And as the French hens say, "Voilá!"
Fetcher: That is French.
Nick: It's two hats in one, miss. For parties...
[turns shuttlecock over]
Nick: For weddings. Oh, madame! This makes you look like a vision, like a dream.
Fetcher: Like a duck!

Rocky: Guys, you are without a doubt the sneakiest, most light-fingered thieving parasites I've ever met.
Nick: [flattered] Oh, don't, don't. Stop it!
Fetcher: I've gone bright red.

Nick: [hearing of eggs] Right. Just like the ones that rooster was gonna lay. Only roosters don't lay eggs, do they?
Fetcher: Don't they?
Nick: No, it's a lady thing, apparently - ask your mum.

Nick: [of the radio] Well, here she is. Ask and you shall receive.
Fetcher: That's Biblical.
Nick: That's real craftmanship, is what it is. Solid as a rock.
Fetcher: [Fbangs on it; a knob flies off and hits a chicken] It's supposed to do that.

Nick: We slipped into the farmer's room, all quiet like...
Fetcher: Like a fish!
Nick: Yeah, and we...
[turns to Fetcher]
Nick: "Like a fish"? You stupid norbert.

Nick: Imagine a world before chickens - a chickenless, eggless world...
Fetcher: I am - and it's horrible.