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Freddy Jones (Character)
from School of Rock (2003)

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School of Rock (2003)
Dewey Finn: You, Freddy, what do you like to do?
Freddy: I dunno.
Freddy: Burn stuff?

Dewey Finn: [on sticking it to "The Man"] Yes! But, you can't just say it, man. You've gotta feel it in your blood and guts! If you wanna rock, you gotta break the rules. You gotta get mad at the man! And right now, I'm the man. That's right, I'm the man, and who's got the guts to tell me off? Huh? Who's gonna tell me off?
Freddy: Shut the hell up, Schneebly!
Dewey Finn: That's it Freddy, that's it! Who can top him?
Alicia: Get outta here, stupidass.
Dewey Finn: Yes, Alicia!
Summer Hathaway: You're a joke, you're the worst teacher I've ever had!
Dewey Finn: Summer, that is great! I like the delivery because I felt your anger!
Summer Hathaway: Thank you.
Lawrence: You're a fat loser and you have body odor.
Dewey Finn: ...All right, all right! Now, is everybody nice and pissed off?

Freddy: I'm just saying, name two great chick drummers.
Katie: Sheila E.? Meg White from the White Stripes?
Freddy: [Freddy winces] She can't drum!
Katie: She's a better drummer than you! At least she has rhythm.
[Miss Mullins passes and realizes that Freddy has rolled up his sleeves and spiked his hair]
Miss Mullins: Freddy! Where are your sleeves? And what have you done to your hair?
Freddy: It's called punk.
Miss Mullins: Well, it's not school uniform.
[She pulls his left sleeve down, and he turns away with a rebellious expression. Frankie, Michelle, and Eleni have observed this]
Frankie: Miss Mullins, you're the Man.
Miss Mullins: Thank you, Frankie!

Dewey Finn: Ok, here's the deal. I have a hangover. Who knows what that means?
Frankie: Doesn't that mean you're drunk?
Dewey Finn: No. It means I was drunk yesterday.
Freddy: It means you're an alcoholic.
Dewey Finn: Wrong.
Freddy: You wouldn't come to work with a hangover unless you were an alcoholic. Dude, you got a disease!
Dewey Finn: Hmmm... hmmm... What's your name?
Freddy: Freddy Jones.
Dewey Finn: Ok, Freddy Jones, shut up!

Dewey Finn: Does anyone play drums?
Freddy: I play percussion.
Frankie: Yea, that's cause he couldn't play anything else!
Freddy: Shut up!

Freddy: Um, are we going to be goofing off like this every day?
Dewey Finn: Uh, we're not goofing off. We're creating musical fusion.
Freddy: Well, um, are we going to be creating musical fusion every day?
Dewey Finn: Yeah, get used to it.
[Freddy grins as he leaves]

Freddy: Come on man, we're on a mission. One great rock show can change the world... look out the window...
Dewey Finn: [seeing bus and students] No way! That's so punk rock.

Freddy: Rock isn't about getting an A. Sex Pistols never won anything.

Lawrence: [to Freddy] You're an idiot.
Freddy: Shut up!
Lawrence: You shut up!
Freddy: You wanna go?
Tomika: You touch him, I'll shove those sticks down your throat.