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Heimlich (Character)
from A Bug's Life (1998)

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A Bug's Life (1998)
Flik: Oh, great ones! I have been scouting for bugs with your exact talents!
Rosie: A talent scout!
Flik: My colony is in trouble. Grasshoppers are coming. We've been forced to prepare all this food.
Manny: Dinner theater!
Heimlich: Food?
Flik: Please, will you help us?
Fly: Where are they?
Slim: We'll take the job!

Heimlich: [dressed as baby] Bottle all gone. Baby wants pie!
Francis: Pie? He asked for it. Should I give it to him?
Molt: Yeah! Give him pie! Give him pie!

Heimlich: But I *am* flying! And from way up here you all look like little ants.

Francis: Stand back, ye flies! We are the greatest warriors in all Bugdom.
Flik: [from a distance, to himself] Warrior bugs!
Francis: My sword.
[Grabs Slim and brandishes him like a sword]
Slim: [dryly] Swish, swish. Clang, clang.
Francis: Little John.
Heimlich: What ho, Robin! Justice is my sword and truth shall be my quiver.

[the ants watch as Heimlich gets stuck during the bird attack]
Princess Atta: The caterpillar's using himself as live bait.
Mr. Soil: How brave!
Heimlich: [as bird looms over him] Aaaaaaaaah!

Heimlich: I'm a beautiful butterfly.

Toy Story 2 (1999)
[deleted scene, on a set of leaves]
Flik the Ant: Isn't this exciting Heimlich. Our first day of shooting.
Heimlich the Caterpillar: Oh yeah yeah. It's so exciting.
Flik the Ant: You know, I can't believe that you talked them into making A Bug's Life 2.
Heimlich the Caterpillar: [laughs] I can hardly believe it also. There's a little tenny tiny thing I forgot to tell you.
Flik the Ant: What's that Heimlich?
Heimlich the Caterpillar: Well you know, it's a 2 Movie, but it's not A Bug's Life 2.
Flik the Ant: Huh, I don't understand, what is it then?
Unknown Offscreen Character: [Camera zooms out] And Action!
[Buzz walking through chops down each of the branches, including the one with Flik and Heimlich on]