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Francis (Character)
from A Bug's Life (1998)

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A Bug's Life (1998)
Francis: Your majesty. Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls of all ages. Our troupe here guarentees a performance like no other. Why, when your grasshopper friends get here, we are gonna knock... them... dead!
[ants cheer]
Slim: Boy, these folks are sure hard up for entertainment.

Heimlich: [dressed as baby] Bottle all gone. Baby wants pie!
Francis: Pie? He asked for it. Should I give it to him?
Molt: Yeah! Give him pie! Give him pie!

[Francis is being harassed by two flies at the bar]
Francis: Shoo, fly. Don't bother me.

Slim: [stuck among branches] Francis! Francis, I'm stuck!
Francis: Where are you?
Slim: I'm over here.
Francis: Where?
Slim: Here!
Slim: I'm the only stick with eyeballs!

Slim: That's no way to speak to a lady.
Francis: I heard that, you twig.

Francis: So! Bein' a ladybug automatically makes me a girl. Is that it, fly boy? Eh?
Fly: Yikes! She's a guy!

Francis: Stand back, ye flies! We are the greatest warriors in all Bugdom.
Flik: [from a distance, to himself] Warrior bugs!
Francis: My sword.
[Grabs Slim and brandishes him like a sword]
Slim: [dryly] Swish, swish. Clang, clang.
Francis: Little John.
Heimlich: What ho, Robin! Justice is my sword and truth shall be my quiver.

[Dot gets a rock]
Dot: Pretend it's a seed, okay?
Flik: Thanks, Dot.
Francis: Hey, what's with the rock?
Slim: Must be an ant thing.

Flik: Hopper's afraid of birds!
Francis: [after being vigorously pursued by a bird] And I don't blame him!

Francis: Hey, turn your butt off!