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Quotes for
Atta (Character)
from A Bug's Life (1998)

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A Bug's Life (1998)
Princess Atta: You see Hopper, Nature has a certain order. The ants pick the food, the ants keep the food, and the grasshoppers leave!

Flik: [has just realized the "warrior bugs" are from the circus] Your Highness! The warriors have called a secret meeting to make plans for circus, uh, *circumventing* the oncoming horde, so they can trapeze - *trap* them with ease!
Princess Atta: Well, shouldn't I come, too?
Flik: No! Ha ha ha! Sorry. No, no, see it's classified in the DMZ, gotta go ASAP, you know, strictly BYOB. Bye!

Princess Atta: You mean you're not warriors?
P.T. Flea: Are you kidding? These guys are the lousiest circus bugs you've ever seen, and they're gonna make me rich!

Princess Atta: You don't think I've offended the warriors, do you?
Flik: *You*? No!
Princess Atta: Oh, good. Because, you see, when you first brought them here, I'd thought you'd hired a bunch of clowns!
Flik: [voice suddenly higher] You *did*?
[laughs nervously]

Princess Atta: I think I'll go check on the bird.
[exits left, then enters again, embarrassed]
Princess Atta: Bird's *this* way.
Flik: [laughs with dazed expression on his face] Yeah the bird's that way
[turns to the circus bugs, who have knowing smiles on their faces]
Flik: She went the- What?

[the ants watch as Heimlich gets stuck during the bird attack]
Princess Atta: The caterpillar's using himself as live bait.
Mr. Soil: How brave!
Heimlich: [as bird looms over him] Aaaaaaaaah!

Hopper: Are you saying I'm stupid?
Princess Atta: [faintly] No
Hopper: Do I look stupid to you?

Hopper: [outraged that the ants failed to make their deadline] You little termites! I give you a second chance, AND THIS IS ALL I GET?'!
[throws the unfinished pile of grain down at the ants' feet]
Princess Atta: But, Hopper, we ran out of time!
Hopper: Have you been playing all summer? You think this is a game? Well, guess what? You just lost!