Charlie Altamont
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Charlie Altamont (Character)
from The Devil's Rejects (2005)

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The Devil's Rejects (2005)
Captain J.T. Spaulding: And you remember happy boy.
Charlie Altamont: Hey You still an asshole?
Otis B. Driftwood: [gives Charlie the finger] Fuck you!

Charlie Altamont: [to Candy] You've got to hustle that pussy, baby. Find a new angle and you might attract a higher clientele.

Darrell: Now, ya'll ain't planning on fuckin' these chickens are ya?
Charlie Altamont: What the fuck are you getting at? Do you fuck chickens?
Darrell: [chuckles] Well, I have thought about fuckin' some chickens before. If you want to have a good time and you need some pussy, you can cut that chicken's head off, stick your dick in that ass of that chicken, and that damn chicken'll go crazy on your ass and go "Caaaaah!".
Charlie Altamont: Are you saying... that I would cut off a chicken's head? Stick my dick in it? Fuck it... And go "Aah"? You accuse me of fucking a chicken, motherfucker?
Darrell: I'm not callin' you a chicken fucker but that boy over there looks sexually frustrated, and I don't approve of chicken fucking.
Clevon: [to Charlie] You hear what he called me, boss? I ain't no fuckin' chicken fucker!
Darrell: My mistake, my mistake.
Clevon: He called me a fuckin' chicken fucker!
Charlie Altamont: Go back and grab the fuckin' chickens, Clevon!
[to Darrell]
Charlie Altamont: Here. Here's five.
Darrell: Appreciate it, thank y'all.
Clevon: He's the chicken fucker!
Charlie Altamont: That's all right, put it back there. Next time, we go someplace else.
Clevon: We ain't never buyin' chickens from him again, boss!
Charlie Altamont: I know. I know.
Clevon: [to Darrell] You inbred! Inbred!

Charlie Altamont: Okay, everybody in the peanut gallery, Simon says hands up.
Candy: He said put your fuckin' hands up!

Baby: [after Charlie Altamont pulls out a gun] What the fuck is this shit?
Otis B. Driftwood: You bring us all the way out here and this prick pulls a gun on us? Nice fuckin' plan, daisy!
Captain J.T. Spaulding: Just do it! He's a crazy, pig-fuckin'...
Charlie Altamont: What you call me?
Captain J.T. Spaulding: Well if you'd give me a chance, I was gonna call you a crazy, pig-fuckin', dumbass, pussy piece of shit!