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Quotes for
Roy Sullivan (Character)
from The Devil's Rejects (2005)

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The Devil's Rejects (2005)
Baby: I bet all the girls wanna fuck you.
Roy Sullivan: Would you say that again?
Baby: I bet all the girls wanna fuck you.
[mutual laughter]
Roy Sullivan: Do you kiss your mama with that mouth?
Baby: Trust me, fella. That ain't the only thing I do with this mouth.

Roy Sullivan: Rodeo...
Roy Sullivan: You're smoking dope.
Jimmy: Yeah- I mean no- not right now.

Roy Sullivan: You spend one second in that pen, and that bull will have his horn up your ass and sticking out your pecker.

Baby: Well Roy Sullivan, you gonna take me back to your room and play with me?
Roy Sullivan: My wife's in that room.
Baby: Or is my brother going to have to shoot your fuckin' teeth outta your head?

Otis B. Driftwood: Are you staring at my sister and thinking bad thoughts?
Roy Sullivan: No.
Otis B. Driftwood: Well why not? You a faggot?
Roy Sullivan: No.
Otis B. Driftwood: Well what are you? I mean, you got this hot piece of ass shaking her shit right in front of you and your'e not getting any ideas? What do you call that?

Adam Banjo: Where are you taking us?
Otis B. Driftwood: Well I guess it wouldn't do no harm to tell you none, let's see ah, we're going to go dig up some guns I buried out here a couple of years ago.
Roy Sullivan: Then what?
Otis B. Driftwood: Well there ain't no what, that's the end of the road.
Roy Sullivan: What?... your'e not gonna kill us are ya?
Otis B. Driftwood: Killing sounds so permanent.

Otis B. Driftwood: I want you to pray to your god. I want you to pray that he comes and saves you. I want lightning to come and crash down upon my fucking head!
Roy Sullivan: I will pray... Jesus...
Otis B. Driftwood: Louder!
Roy Sullivan: Bless the bunnies, bless the little birds, bless the...
Otis B. Driftwood: I don't feel anything!
Roy Sullivan: Bless the springtime morning...
Otis B. Driftwood: ooo aaah I feel it! Oh great god almighty I repent, I repent! Oh I feel the love of the god, god, god almighty! Oh the holy spirit is in my body.