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Quotes for
Sheriff Wydell (Character)
from The Devil's Rejects (2005)

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The Devil's Rejects (2005)
Sheriff John Wydell: Here's the list of names I need you to run down for me.
[hands Rondo the list]
Rondo: [laughs] That's a funny-ass name.
Sheriff John Wydell: Yeah, look who's fucking talking, *Rondo*. Just tell me if anything connects.
Billy Ray Snapper: I'm sure it will. Shit always floats our way, don't it? Chief.
Sheriff John Wydell: You keep your mouth open wide enough maybe you'd catch it all. Don't fuck this up assholes.
Rondo: Have fun scraping all them brains up off the road.

Officer Ray Dobson: You recognize the clown?
Sheriff John Wydell: Yeah, his name is Spaulding. Captain 'fuckin' Spaulding.

Sheriff John Wydell: [stuttering] I'm, I'm walking the line on this brother. I'm... I'm walking line.
George Wydell: [sarcastically] Well, mother pin a rose on me, that is so great!
[serious tone]
George Wydell: I want these motherfuckers dead! Kill 'em!

Sheriff John Wydell: Fuck Groucho!

[to Mother Firefly]
Sheriff John Wydell: You listen to me, and you listen good! I am gonna kill every member of your family! I'm gonna hunt them down like the animals they are, and I'm gonna skin em' alive! They are going to feel the pain and suffering of every last victim! They're gonna crawl on on their hands and knees, and they're gonna beg me for mercy! But all I'm gonna have for them is pain! Pain and death!

Sheriff John Wydell: From delusion lead me to truth, from darkness lead me to light, from death lead me to eternal life. Hallelujah! Are you feeling it brother?

Marty Walker: That goddamn fucking Elvis Presley
Sheriff John Wydell: What did you say about the King?
Marty Walker: I said he died three days before Grouch...
[Wydell grabs Walker]
Sheriff John Wydell: Son, if you ever say another derogatory word about Elvis Aron Presley in my presence again, I will kick the living shit out of you!

Sheriff John Wydell: All right, Dobson. It's about time what we came here to do to what the good lord says in the good book as "a cleansing of the wicked".
Officer Ray Dobson: Sir, you think we're gonna die here today?
Sheriff John Wydell: Dyin's not an option. Now, you stick that back in that gray matter of yours and you make that stick. 'Cause any other thought is gonna get you cold slabed, toe taged, and mailed home to your mamma in a plastic bag. Are we crystal?
Officer Ray Dobson: Crystal, Sir.
Sheriff John Wydell: Gentlemen, let's do what God made us to do!

Sheriff John Wydell: I'll bet them old farm boys love you.
Mother Firefly: Everyone loves me. Don't you pretend you don't fancy me.
Sheriff John Wydell: Oh why, yes Maa'm. I find you quite irresistible.

Sheriff John Wydell: [walks into a room where the "rejects" are tied to the chairs] You know I got to thank you all... *sniffs*... for helping me understand what my heritage is. You see the Wydells, they always been vigilante justice. Now my grand-daddy, he rode with the likes of Tom Horn killin' scum like you for a livin'. We've always been devil slayers
[kicks Otis]
Sheriff John Wydell: WAKE UP! See, I tried to walk the line but now I realize there is no line. Now we here, we are playin' on a level that most will never see. I know my brother George he didn't see it.
Captain J.T. Spaulding: Maybe he had a divine moment when his brains hit the floor.
Sheriff John Wydell: Yeah well, maybe you will too.

[Wydell prepares to chase Baby with an ax]
Sheriff John Wydell: What's that I smell? I smell RABBIT!

[Wydell shoots Baby in the leg]
Sheriff John Wydell: Oh man! I could hear that bone shatter all the way from back here!

Sheriff John Wydell: What's going on, shit-heads?
Rondo: Sheriff...
[Wydell hands Rondo a piece of paper]
Sheriff John Wydell: Here's a list of names I need you to run down for me.
[Rondo looks at the paper, and starts chuckling]
Rondo: That's some funny-ass names! Haha!
Sheriff John Wydell: Yeah, look who's fuckin' talkin' "RONDO"...
[Rondo glares at Wydell]
Sheriff John Wydell: Just let me know if anything connects.
Billy Ray Snapper: ...I'm sure it will. Shit always floats our way, don't it..."Chief"?
Sheriff John Wydell: Well, if you keep your mouth open wide enough maybe you'll catch it all... don't fuck this up assholes.
Rondo: Have fun scraping all them brains up off the road! Haha.