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Quotes for
Bill Hudley (Character)
from House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

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House of 1000 Corpses (2003)
Captain Spaulding: Let me ask you something. How come you're asking me so many jackassy questions?
Bill Hudley: My friends and I are on a road trip. We're driving across country and writing a book on off-beat roadside attractions. You know, the crazy shit you see when you're driving across the country.
Captain Spaulding: I don't drive cross country.
Bill Hudley: But if you did...
Captain Spaulding: But I don't.
Bill Hudley: Yeah, but supposing for a second you did.
Captain Spaulding: [laughs] You little dickens, you. I know what your problem is.
Bill Hudley: What's that?
Captain Spaulding: [getting angry] Ya'll think us folk from the country's real funny-like, dontcha?
Bill Hudley: Jerry...
Captain Spaulding: Yeah, well saddle up the mule, Ma! Slide me some grits! I's got to get me some edu-cation, uh hu hu hu.
Bill Hudley: Jerry...
Captain Spaulding: You asshole!

Bill Hudley: Mmmm tasty.
Baby: Ain't the only thing tasty in this house.

Bill Hudley: Christ, you scared the shit out of me.
Baby: Aw, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Bill Hudley: Is your brother ready to go?
Baby: Oh... yeah, he already left. We'll wait inside, come on.
Bill Hudley: He left!
Baby: Yeah, come on.