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Conan (Character)
from Conan the Barbarian (1982)

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Conan the Barbarian (1982)
[director's cut]
Conan: I remember days like this when my father took me to the forest and we ate wild blueberries. More than 20 years ago. I was just a boy of four or five. The leaves were so dark and green then. The grass smelled sweet with the spring wind.
Conan: Almost 20 years of pitiless cumber! No rest, no sleep like other men. And yet the spring wind blows, Subotai. Have you ever felt such a wind?
Subotai: They blow where I live too. In the north of every man's heart.
Conan: It's never too late, Subotai.
Subotai: No. It would only lead me back here another day. In even worse company.
Conan: For us, there is no spring. Just the wind that smells fresh before the storm.

Mongol General: Hao! Dai ye! We won again! This is good, but what is best in life?
Mongol: The open steppe, fleet horse, falcons at your wrist, and the wind in your hair.
Mongol General: Wrong! Conan! What is best in life?
Conan: Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.
Mongol General: That is good! That is good.

Thulsa Doom: I wish to speak to you now. Where is the Eye of the Serpent? Rexor says that you gave to a girl, probably for a mere night's pleasure, hmm? What a loss. People have no grasp of what they do. You broke into my house, stole my property, murdered my servants, and my PETS! And that is what grieves me the most! You killed my snake. Thorgrim is beside himself with grief! He raised that snake from the time it was born.
Conan: You killed my mother! You killed my father, you killed my people! You took my father's sword... ah -
[Rexor twists his arm]
Thulsa Doom: Ah. It must have been when I was younger. There was a time, boy, when I searched for steel, when steel meant more to me than gold or jewels.
Conan: The riddle... of steel.
Thulsa Doom: Yes! You know what it is, don't you boy? Shall I tell you? It's the least I can do. Steel isn't strong, boy, flesh is stronger! Look around you. There, on the rocks; a beautiful girl. Come to me, my child...
[coaxes the girl to jump to her death]
Thulsa Doom: That is strength, boy! That is power! What is steel compared to the hand that wields it? Look at the strength in your body, the desire in your heart, I gave you this! Such a waste. Contemplate this on the tree of woe. Crucify him!

Subotai: Hey, old man, where did you get this stuff?
The Wizard: The dead... the gods are pleased with you, they will watch the battle.
Conan: Are they going to help?
The Wizard: No.
Conan: Well, then tell them to stay out of the way.

Conan: Adieu!

Conan: Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That's what's important! Valor pleases you, Crom... so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!

Mongol General: What is best in life?
Conan: To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

Subotai: Food... FOOD! I have not eaten for days.
Conan: And who says you will?
Subotai: Give me food, so I have strength when the wolves come. Let me die, not in hunger, but in combat!
Conan: Who are you?
Subotai: [jumps to his feet] I am Subotai! Thief and archer! I am Hyrkanian... the great order of Kerlait!
Conan: So what are you doing here?
Subotai: [holds up chains] Dinner for wolves.
[Conan laughs, Subotai laughs]

Conan: What gods do you pray to?
Subotai: I pray to the four winds... and you?
Conan: To Crom... but I seldom pray to him, he doesn't listen.
Subotai: [chuckles] What good is he then? Ah, it's just as I've always said.
Conan: He is strong! If I die, I have to go before him, and he will ask me, "What is the riddle of steel?" If I don't know it, he will cast me out of Valhalla and laugh at me. That's Crom, strong on his mountain!
Subotai: Ah, my god is greater.
Conan: [chuckles] Crom laughs at your four winds. He laughs from his mountain.
Subotai: My god is stronger. He is the everlasting sky! Your god lives underneath him.
[Conan shoots Subotai a skeptical look. Subotai laughs]

Beggar: A pittance to protect you from evil.
Subotai: I am evil!
Conan: They're all sluts! He's dead already!

The Wizard: The mounds have been here since the time of the Titans. Kings buried in them... great kings... domains once glittered like the light on a windy sea. Fire won't burn there... no fire at all. That's why I live down here in the wind.
Conan: Do you care for these places?
The Wizard: I sing to them. On nights, when they wish, I sing of the tales of battles, heroes, witches and women. Nobody bothers me down here. Not even... Thulsa Doom.
Conan: Do flowers grow around here?
The Wizard: Flowers?
The Wizard: Flowers.

Subotai: I have not eaten for days.
Conan: And who says you will?

Priestess: What do you see?
Conan: Um... infinity.

Conan: You're not a guard!
Valeria: Neither are you!
Subotai: We're thieves! Ha! Like yourself. Come to climb the tower.
Valeria: You don't even have a rope! Ha! Two fools who laugh at death. Do you know what horrors lie beyond that wall?
Conan: No
Valeria: Then you go first.

Conan: Is this your robe?
Priest: Yes. It is all that I own.
Conan: [knocks priest unconscious] And it's all you'll ever need.

Conan the Destroyer (1984)
Jehnna: I go where I feel myself led.
Conan: So I've noticed.

Jehnna: I suppose nothing hurts you.
Conan: Only pain.

Malak: I think we made the merchant angry.
Conan: Are you surprised?
Malak: But we didn't steal everything he had!
Conan: We didn't have time.

Malak: Why are they trying to kill us?
Conan: Maybe they want to capture us, and torture us to death.

Conan: Into the boat!

Akiro 'The Wizard': Death to the world.
Conan: Life for Valeria.

Jehnna: Conan! There are six of them against her!
Conan: One, two, three... I think you're right.

Conan: I need you.
Akiro 'The Wizard': I'm yours!

Conan: Enough talk!

Jehnna: Could there ever be anyone else?
Conan: - Drunk - Another Queen? Lot on your knife... Uh, not on your life!

Conan: [Drunk, helping Jenna with throwing his sword up, hits Malik in the head] Good. Now you're ready to take on anybody!

Conan the Barbarian (2011)
Khalar Zym: [holding up a bag of gold in exchange for Tamara] Your reward!
Conan: I do not want your gold.
Khalar Zym: No? Then what?
Conan: I want your head!

Conan: Do you have a name?
Tamara: My name is Tamara Amalia Jorvi Karushan. And yours is?
Conan: Conan.
Tamara: [pause] Conan... that's it?
Conan: How many names do I need?

Conan: Run from me... and I will tear apart the mountains to find you! I will follow you to Hell!

Conan: I live, I love, I slay, and I am content.

Conan: No man shall live in chains.

Conan: [referring to Tamara] Find her a weapon and leather armor.
[Conan leaves]
Artus: [to Tamara] I think he likes you.

Corin: What is most important when making a sword, fire or ice?
Young Conan: Fire.
[Corin looks at Young Conan with some disbelief]
Young Conan: [pause] ... Ice?
Corin: Are you sure?
[pause; then Corin strikes the anvil with a newly-forged sword which breaks]
Corin: Fire... and ice. That is the mystery of steel.

"Conan: The Adventurer: A Serpent Coils the Earth - Part 3 (#2.52)" (1993)
Conan: [hitting Set with his star metal sword] Go back to your pit, master of worms! Leave this earth forever!