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Quotes for
Trudy Newman (Character)
from Click (2006)

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Click (2006)
Michael Newman: My schmeckel got bigger now that I'm older, just so you guys know that.
Trudy: It couldn't have gotten any smaller.
Ted: [laughing] It looked like a little Tic Tac.
Michael Newman: Yeah, come here. I'll freshen your breath.

Trudy: Hey, Micheal. Micheal, who are you talking to?
Michael Newman: Jesus. I'm talking to my boss, Ma. Take it easy.
Trudy: Oh, yeah? Well, tell him to get a life. You got family here. You're busy. Come on.
Michael Newman: My mother says hello.

Michael Newman: Thank you, Mom for having me, I know it was a lot of pain.
Trudy: You have no idea.

Ted: Benjamin, what do I have in my hand?
Trudy: A quarter.
Ted: Now, Grandma doesn't let me eat ice cream because of my diabetes.
Trudy: True.
Ted: But she says nothing about a tasty quarter.
[bites off half of it]
Ted: Alright, please, very quickly, count to 3, it tastes terrible. One...
Ted, Trudy, Ben at 7-Years-Old, Donna Newman: Two, three.
[Ted spits the quarter back into one piece]
Trudy: Ahh!
Ben at 7-Years-Old: Are you shitting me?
Trudy: First he's eating like his father and now you're talking like him?
Donna Newman: Ben!
Trudy: Don't you EVER say that again!
Ben at 7-Years-Old: Sorry, Grandma.
Samantha Newman - Age 5: HOW did you do that, Grandpa?
Ted: A good magician NEVER reveals his secrets, your daddy's been wanting to know how I did it since he was your age.

Trudy: [Michael rewinds to his family's camping trip at Lake Winnipesaukee in the 70s] Uh uh uh, no cupcakes yet!
Michael at 10 Years Old: But I'm starving!
Ted: I know exactly how you feel, Michael, I'm so hungry, I could eat this quarter!
Michael Newman: Ah, so THIS is where the quarter trick started.
Morty: [watches Ted bite the quarter in half and then spit it whole again, amazed] How did he do that?
Michael Newman: It's a trick coin you buy in a magic shop, I just couldn't ever let him know I knew that.

Trudy: [Ben's eating a large dish of ice cream] Benjamin, slow down, it's not a race.
[to Donna]
Trudy: It's his second one in five minutes, he's like a machine, he just keeps eating, he can't still be hungry.
Donna Newman: He's not, he's just doing whatever Michael does. It's driving him nuts.
Trudy: What Michael's been doing lately is very unhealthy, he's going to kill himself!