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Commander Cain (Character)
from "Battlestar Galactica" (1978)

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"Battlestar Galactica: The Living Legend: Part 1 (#1.10)" (1978)
Commander Cain: [refering to Commander Adama] Well, how is he? How is that old Modocker?
Captain Apollo: Well, considering a load he's carried since the destruction of our nation.
Commander Cain: Yes, yes, I should imagine. And the rest of the fleet?
Captain Apollo: Only the Galactica survives, sir. Along with some 220 odd ships carrying what's left of our people.
Commander Cain: My God, and I thought we had it bad. Only 220 ships left from all the Colonies?
Captain Apollo: Yes, sir.

Commander Cain: Well, my friends, our troubles are over.
Capt. Apollo: How do you mean, sir?
Commander Cain: Tomorrow we go on the offensive. We'll show those golmonging Cylons how to fight now! Yes, by the Lords of Kobol, the Cylon Empire is about to fall!

Commander Cain: [over the intercom] Greetings, Adama, you old wardaggit. Might've known I'd find you and your fleet sitting dead on your astrums.
Commander Adama: Cain? Of all that's holy.
Commander Cain: [over the intercom] There's nothing holy about me, Adama, Except maybe what I'm doing to those golmonging Cylons.
Commander Adama: It's a miracle Cain, a blessed miracle.
Commander Cain: [over the intercom] I make my own miracles. But have it your way. I'll be aboard in a few centons
Commander Adama: I'll have some vintage Ambrosa for you.
Commander Cain: [over the intercom] I should think so.

Commander Cain: Hades' hole, Adama! Just give me a couple of your best squadrons and I'll take that fuel base myself.

Commander Cain: Her name is Cassiopeia
[Cain turns on a hologram recording]
Cassiopeia: [hologram] I'll never forget you, you old wardaggit. Hurry back.
Commander Cain: [Starbuck and Apollo are stunned] Well I can see she has the same effect on you that she's always had on me.

Cassiopeia: What about Sheba?
Commander Cain: She's developed into one of the best warriors in the fleet.
Cassiopeia: She's gonna be very unhappy that I've returned from the dead.
Commander Cain: Children don't understand the needs that a man can have at different times in his life.

Captain Apollo: We're going against the whole base?
Commander Cain: I don't think we have any choice now. Do we?
Commander Adama: Events seem to have left us very few alternatives.

Commander Cain: Anything is possible. But I prefer to deal with the probable.

"Battlestar Galactica: The Living Legend: Part 2 (#1.11)" (1978)
Commander Cain: I do know how to win a battle.
Captain Apollo: Yes, but what about your warriors? Are you thinking of them when you take on three basestars all by yourself or are you thinking of HISTORY? THE LEGEND OF COMMANDER CAIN?
Commander Cain: You're out of line, Captain! Full speed ahead, Colonel.
Captain Apollo: I just want to remind you that your own daughter will be out there with us.
[Starbuck and Boomer are in the flight bay when they learn of Cain's plan to engage the Pegasus single-handedly against three Cylon basestars]
Lieutenant Starbuck: Tell me it isn't true. Three basestars head on?
Lt. Boomer: Is he crazy?
Captain Apollo: A little. But it's what gives him his advantage. Who could think of anything like this but Cain?

Tolan: Sir, long-range scanners pick up an unbelievable number of enemy craft on their way.
Commander Cain: Prepare coordinates to intercept.
Tolan: You mean lead them off, hit and run?
Commander Cain: I mean intercept. Go through them.

Commander Adama: You realise I can relieve you of your command?
Commander Cain: [over the intercom] Adama, please. Don't make my last battle an act of mutiny. Send me in with your blessing.
Commander Adama: [reluctantly] My prayers go with you... and always serve you.
Commander Cain: [over the intercom] Thank you, Adama, thank you.

Colonel Tigh: Sir, the incoming Cylon fleet has suddenly turned around and is headed back the other way. Cain is attacking all three baseships on his own.
Commander Adama: It's exactly what he said he'd do.
Commander Cain: [cut to the Pegasus] Range to baseships!
Tolan: 110 centons. We'll be down to 11 centons at full speed.
Commander Cain: All right, Tolan! Let get there! We have a very important appointment with a man named Baltar!

Tolan: Two basestars coming up on range, sir. The third has fallen back behind them.
Commander Cain: That will be Baltar's ship! Plot a course between those two forward ships!
Tolan: It's getting a little sticky in there, sir.
Commander Cain: Arm all air-to-head missiles and bring electronic defense shields to maximum power!