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Quotes for
Col. James M. Montgomery (Character)
from Glory (1989)

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Glory (1989)
Rawlins: The town is clean sir. Ain't no rebs here, just some women.
Col. Montgomery: You hear that! Let's clear er out!
[His men begin looting the town]
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: What are you doing?
Col. Montgomery: Liberating this town in the name of the Republic.

Col. Montgomery: That wouldn't have been necessary if that sesesh woman hadn't started it. They never learn. You see sesesh has to be cleared away by the hand of God like the Jews of old. Now I will have to burn this town.

Col. Montgomery: [ordering the burning of Darien, Georgia] Prepare your men to light torches!
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: I will not!
Col. Montgomery: That is an order!
Colonel Robert G. Shaw: An immoral order, and by the Articles of War, I am not bound to follow it!
Col. Montgomery: Then, you can explain that at your court-martial... after your men are placed under my command!