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Astronaut (Character)
from Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005)

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Zathura: A Space Adventure (2005)
Walter: [of the Zorgons] What do they eat?
Astronaut: Meat.
Danny: That's good.
Astronaut: Dude, you're meat.

Astronaut: Are you telling me to leave?
Walter: Well, once you're finished eating... yeah.
Astronaut: Well, he spun me...
Astronaut: [points at Danny]
Astronaut: he has to decide.
Walter: [pulls out card] Well I'm Fleet Admiral, and I'm telling you to hit the road.
Astronaut: Oh... I'm sorry... I didn't know. Oh, you know what...
Astronaut: [pulls out a card]
Astronaut: I'm Fleet Admiral too! It's just a card, bugnuts!

Astronaut: [points to Danny] He spun me!

Danny: Why'd you wish for a football? You could've wished us out of here!
Walter: I was under a lot of pressure! He was yelling at me!
[meaning the Astronaut]
Danny: [turns around] Why were you yelling?
Astronaut: [sits on the bed] OK guys. Here's the thing: I've played this game before. OK? I played it with my own brother 15 years ago.
Walter: You're a player?
Astronaut: Yeah. Just like you guys. We were fighting a lot back then. And when the game started, it got even worse. Every time we spun, we got madder and madder at one another. And then I landed on the Star Space, the same one that Walter just landed on. I was *so* mad at him that when the star passed... I made my wish.
Walter: What'd you wish for?
Astronaut: I wished that my brother had never been born.
Danny: Oh my god.
[Walter looks at Danny, then at the Astronaut]
Astronaut: As soon as I did, it felt horrible. I thought, you know if I could spin again maybe I, I could land on another Star Space and wish him back but, the game wouldn't let me. So it wasn't my turn. Walter, there are some games you can't play alone.

Walter: [about Zorgons] What do they eat?
Astronaut: Meat.
Danny: That's good.
Astronaut: Dude. You're meat.

Astronaut: No matter how good an idea seems like when you're angry, it never is.

Astronaut: I passed through a time sphincter to get here. You realize how difficult that is?
Walter: What's a time sphincter?
Astronaut: A wormhole, about yay big.
[forming a zero with his fingers]
Astronaut: You squeeze through there and tell me you're not hungry enough to eat a carpet shark.